Use and Maintenance of Volvo Generator Sets

Sep. 15, 2021

1. Use requirements of diesel fuel.

A. Index requirements of diesel fuel.

Diesel fuel requires burning rapidly to make diesel engine start easily, stable working and high economy. Otherwise, diesel fuel will burn slowly and has poor working, black smoke, high fuel consumption and poor ignition performance. Generally, the quality of diesel fuel is assessed by the 16 paraffin value of the chemical components contained in diesel. The 16 alkane number directly affects the ignition performance. The paraffin value used in high speed diesel engine generally is 45% to 55%, if over the value or lower than the value, both is not good. If the 16 alkane number exceeds a certain limit value, the improvement of ignition performance is not obvious, but the fuel consumption will increase in a positive proportion. Because the high 16 alkane number will accelerate the cracking of diesel fuel, and the carbon precipitated in the combustion has not been fully combined with oxygen, that is, it is discharged with the exhaust gas.

B.Diesel fuel of Volvo generator set should have proper viscosity. Viscosity directly affects the fluidity, mixing and atomization of diesel oil. If viscosity is too big, fog point is too large, will cause poor atomization. Otherwise, if viscosity is too small, will cause diesel fuel leakage resulting fuel pressure drop and uneven supply, then causing poor mixing. Poor combustion will also greatly reduce the lubrication of fuel injection pumps and other parts.

Use and Maintenance of Volvo Generator Sets

C.The freezing point shall not be too high.

The freezing point is the temperature at which the fuel stops flowing, which is generally about - 10 ℃. Therefore, diesel oil with equivalent viscosity shall be selected according to different seasons. Diesel generator sets powered by USA Cummins, Volvo, Perkins are required to use international or China high-quality 0# light diesel fuel. This kind of diesel is suitable for use in hot place, and - 20# or - 35# diesel is used in winter.

D. Notes of use of diesel fuel.

Diesel oil must be fully precipitated (not less than 48 hours) before being added to the oil tank, and then filtered with filter and fine cloth to remove impurities.

2. Use requirements of lubricating oil.

A. Lubricating oil can reduce the friction resistance in the engine and prevent the diesel generator from corrosion and wear, and take away harmful impurities in the machine.

B. Lubricating oil is refined from base oil + additives.

Oil characteristics: viscosity, viscosity index, flash point.

C. When the index is 100, the temperature is 40 ℃, the viscosity is 100, the temperature is 100 ℃, and the viscosity is 20. The higher the index, the smaller the effect of viscosity and temperature; The lower the index, the greater the effect of temperature on viscosity. The lower the index, the greater the effect of temperature on viscosity. The oil should have proper viscosity. Viscosity is an important index of oil properties and the basis of service performance. If the viscosity is too small, when the friction parts are under pressure, the oil will be pressed out from the friction surface to form dry friction or semi dry friction. If the viscosity is too large and the fluidity is poor, it is difficult to enter the gap of the friction surface, which will increase the friction, affect the power of the internal combustion engine, and make it difficult to start the internal combustion engine. The internal combustion engine works at high temperature. The smaller the change of oil viscosity, the better.

D. The engine oil shall not contain acid-base substances that corrode the metal, which will rust the metal surface.

E. The oil shall not burn easily. When the oil enters the combustion chamber, the smaller the viscosity after combustion, the better.


The quality of coolant has a great influence on the cooling efficiency and service life of the cooling system. Using the correct coolant can keep the cooling system in good technical condition and prevent the cooling system from freezing crack or corrosion.

3. Engine maintenance plan

The following schedule of maintenance plan is applicable to prime and standby diesel generator set. Relevant maintenance plans are calculated based on the unit operation time or months, whichever expires first.


After the first 50 hours running of diesel generator, all belts must be fully inspected or adjusted. And replace the lubricating oil and lubricating oil filter.

A. Every week.

1) Check coolant level;

2) Check oil level;

3) Check whether the air filter indicator needs to be replaced;

4) Start and operate the unit until it reaches the normal operating temperature;

5) Drain the water and sediment in the primary diesel filter.

B .Every 200 operating hours or every 12 months.

1) Check if all belts of the generator set is damage and tightness or not;

2) Check the specific gravity and pH of coolant;

3) Replace oil;

4) Replace oil filter;

5) Replace primary fuel filter;

6) Replace main fuel filter;

7) Clean primary air filter;

8) Check the tightness of the bolts of the turbocharger;

9) Check whether the flywheel bolt of high-pressure diesel pump is tight enough.

C .Every 400 operating hours or half a year.

1) Check the components and control lines in the control panel.

D.Every 400 operating hours or 24 months.

1)Check and determine whether all fuel injectors work normally and whether they need to be replaced;

2)Check and confirm whether all stiles are normal and whether the valves need to be adjusted.


Above are about the use and maintenance of Volvo diesel generator set. When you use diesel generator, please pay attention to the diesel fuel and oil, and generator maintenance. So that you can let your generator have a longer service life. Dingbo Power is a manufacturer of diesel generator set for more than 15 years, if you have other question, welcome to contact us by email, we will support you.

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