Water Temperature Requirements Of The 650KW Diesel Generators

Mar. 14, 2022

Misunderstanding 1: For the use of generator lease, there are clear provisions on the water temperature requirements of the generator, but some operators like to set the outlet temperature very low, some close to the lower limit of outlet temperature, some lower than the lower limit. They think the water temperature is low, the pump will not occur cavitation, cooling water (liquid) will not be interrupted, there is a safety factor in the use. In fact, as long as the water temperature does not exceed 95℃, cavitation will not occur and the cooling water (liquid) will not be interrupted. Conversely, the water temperature is too low, great harm to the work of diesel engine.


First, the temperature is low, the diesel combustion condition in the cylinder deteriorates, the fuel atomization is poor, the post-combustion period increases, the engine is easy to rough work, aggravates the damage of crankshaft bearings, piston rings and other parts, and reduces the power and economy.

Second, the steam after combustion is easy to condense on the cylinder wall, causing metal corrosion.

Third, burning diesel may dilute the oil and deteriorate lubrication conditions.

Fourth, the colloidal formation of fuel combustion is not complete, so that the piston ring is stuck in the piston ring groove, the valve is stuck, and the pressure in the cylinder at the end of compression is reduced.

Fifth, the oil temperature is too low, the oil thickens, poor liquidity. Changsha generator lease oil pump oil quantity is small, resulting in Dongguan generator maintenance oil supply shortage. In addition, crankshaft bearing clearance becomes smaller, resulting in poor lubrication.

Water Temperature Requirements Of The 650KW Diesel Generators

Misunderstanding 2: diesel generator speed is lower

Many operators do not want to work at the speed they use. They think the lower speed won't cause trouble. In fact, too little speed can have some bad consequences:

First, low speed will reduce the output power of the diesel engine, reduce its dynamic performance;

Second, the low speed will cause the working speed of each component to decline, so that the working performance of the component is worse, and the output pressure of the oil pump is reduced;

The third is to reduce the reserve power of the diesel engine, so that the normal operation of the diesel engine in full load or overload state;

Fourth, if the speed is too low, the speed of the working machinery of the connecting rod mechanism will be reduced, thus reducing the mechanical properties of the work, such as reducing the water output of the pump and the pump head.


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