Power Output Of Yuchai Generators

Mar. 14, 2022

The protection level of the generator depends on the heat resistance level of the insulation material used. If the insulation structure of the key parts of the motor uses insulation materials of different heat resistance levels, the protection level should be tested according to the highest heat resistance level of the insulation materials. There is no superior or inferior protection level of the generator, depending on the operation. Professional diesel generator manufacturer Dingbo Electric power introduced the meaning of insulation level in the Yuchai Generator Set Manual.

1. The power of the Yuchai generator must be able to meet the output power of all elevators and fire pumps in case of power failure.

2. Diesel generators used in residential areas must also meet certain environmental requirements. Especially noise. The noise of general open diesel generators is above 105 decibels. If the normal power generation, the community noise environmental requirements. So noise reduction must be carried out, you can directly choose to mute the super diesel generator.

3. The diesel generator must have the function of automatic starting and automatic switching. In the event of an emergency power outage, the diesel generator must be able to start automatically and automatically shut down within 30 seconds so that the fire pump and elevator can be used properly.

 Power Output Of Yuchai Generators

The main function of engine coolant is to keep the engine running in a normal temperature range. To put it bluntly, the engine can cool down at high temperature. At the same time, the engine coolant also has anti-freezing, anti-corrosion, anti-scale and other functions.

The cooling fluid of Yuchai diesel generator will lose potency after a certain time. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the coolant, the engine coolant is too low and do not continue to run the unit, so it should be added in time.

How to replace Yuchai diesel generator coolant?

When replacing the coolant, the system should be washed with clean water first, and the washed water must be very clean when cleaning. When discharging coolant, ensure that the unit is closed and the body is completely cooled before opening the water tank injection mouth cover, and then open the drain plug or tap on the cylinder block and under the radiator. If the unit is equipped with coolant filter (some models), the filter should be removed and replaced.


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