What Are The Classification Methods Of Generators In Yuchai

Mar. 17, 2022

What are the classification methods of generators in yuchai generators?

There are many kinds of generators, and there are many kinds according to different classification methods, so what are the classification methods of generators? Let's take a look at the small series of Yuchai generator sets.

One, the generator converts according to electric energy.

According to the way of converting electric energy, it can be divided into ac generator and DC generator.

Alternators are classified into synchronous generators and asynchronous generators. Synchronous generators are divided into hidden pole synchronous generators and salient pole synchronous generators. Synchronous generators are most commonly used in modern power stations, and asynchronous generators are rarely used.

Ac generator sets can be divided into single-phase generator and three-phase generator. The output voltage of three-phase generator is 380 VOLTS and that of single-phase generator is 220 volts.

Two,generator excitation mode.

According to the excitation mode can be divided into brush excitation generator and brushless excitation generator. The excitation mode of brushless excitation generator is single excitation, and the excitation mode of brushless excitation generator is self-excitation. The rectifier of the independent excitation generator is on the stator of the generator, and the rectifier of the self excitation motor is on the rotor of the generator set.

Three, the generator according to the drive power.

 Yuchai Generators

There are many forms of generator driving power, common power machines are:

(1) Wind turbines

Wind turbines rely on the wind to turn them and generate electricity. This kind of generator does not need to consume extra energy, is pollution-free generator;

(2) Hydroelectric generators

Hydraulic generator is a kind of equipment that makes use of water drop flow to generate electricity and drive the generator to generate electricity. It is also a kind of equipment that makes use of green natural resources to generate electricity. It is also called hydraulic generator

(3) Oil-fired generator

Fuel generators are divided into diesel generators, gasoline generators, coal-fired generators and so on.

First, the generator emits white smoke.

Cause: indicates that the atomized diesel fuel injected into the cylinder is discharged without complete combustion. There are three main reasons: one is the nozzle stuck, insufficient pressure, poor diesel atomization; Second, there is more air in the oil road and more water in the diesel oil; Third, fuel was delivered too late, for the same reason as black smoke.

Elimination method: check the injector, adjust or replace the injector; Check the oil road, eliminate the air in the oil road, use standard diesel oil; The method of adjusting the advance Angle of oil supply is the same as the method of discharging black smoke.

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