What Is The Cheapest Type Of Diesel Generator

Jul. 28, 2022

Diesel generator set is a small power generation equipment, which refers to the power machinery that uses diesel as fuel and diesel engine as prime mover to drive the generator to generate electricity. The whole generator set is generally composed of diesel engine, generator, control panel, fuel tank, starting and control battery, protection device, emergency cabinet and other components.


As for which type of diesel generator set is the cheapest, we should first understand that there are several classifications of diesel generator sets.


First, according to the automation function, it is divided into basic type, self starting type and microcomputer automatic control type.


1. Basic diesel generator

This type is relatively common. It is composed of diesel engine, water tank, muffler, synchronous alternator, controller, coupling and chassis, and can generally be used as the prime power supply or standby power supply.

 80kw Cummins generator

2. Self starting diesel generator

This type is based on the basic unit to increase the full-automatic control system. It has the function of automatic switching. When the mains power is suddenly cut off, the diesel generator can automatically start, automatically switch the power switch, automatically send power and automatically stop the machine; When the oil pressure of diesel generator is too low, the oil temperature is too high or the cold water temperature is too high, the photoacoustic warning signal can be sent automatically; When the generator set is overspeed, it can automatically stop the operation in an emergency for protection.


3. Microcomputer controlled automatic diesel generator

This type is composed of ATS automatic control panel of diesel engine with perfect performance, three-phase brushless synchronous generator, automatic fuel supply device, automatic oil supply device and automatic cooling water supply device. The ATS automatic control panel adopts programmable automatic PLC control. In addition to the functions of automatic start, automatic switching, automatic operation, automatic input and automatic shutdown, it is equipped with various fault alarm and automatic protection devices.


It is divided into prime type, standby type and emergency diesel generator set according to the use situation.


1. Standby diesel generator. Generally, users have the main power supply. When the main power switch exceeds the limit and cuts off the power supply or for other reasons, generators are established in order to ensure the basic production and work of users. They mainly are hotels, hospitals, banks, airports, industrial and mining enterprises and other important enterprises.


2. Prime diesel generators. It needs to operate all year round, are generally in industrial and mining enterprises far away from or near the power grid, in order to meet the construction, production and domestic power consumption in these places. It is necessary to establish a common short cycle diesel generator set to meet the needs of users. Such generators generally have large capacity.


3. Emergency diesel generators. Electrical equipment whose sudden interruption of main power supply will cause large losses or personal accidents, often need emergency generators. The emergency power supply of these equipment, such as high-rise building fire protection system, evacuation lighting, elevator, automatic production line control system and key communication system. This kind of generator needs to be installed from the beginning of the diesel generator set, which requires a high degree of automation.


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