What Should Be Done About Yuchai Generators

Feb. 19, 2022

Before starting or putting into operation mode button switch, the yuchai diesel generator should check whether the battery charging power supply, control, signal system power supply, cooling water temperature control, air system, fuel system and lubricating oil system are normal before it can be put into use formally.


The main reason for diesel generator to scrap the diesel engine is wear, and the wear during starting accounts for 42.4%-50.3% of the total wear. The experimental results show that when the cylinder wall temperature is 5℃, the wear caused by improper starting of diesel engine is equivalent to the wear caused by 60-80 km normal running of wheeled machinery or 0.5-LH normal running of tracked machinery. When the cylinder wall temperature is -15℃, the amount of wear caused by one improper start is equivalent to the amount of wear caused by normal operation of wheel-type machinery for 150-210 km or crawler machinery for 2-4 hours. Therefore, correct start-up is very important to prolong the service life of diesel generator set.

Normal startup requirements. When starting diesel oil first time every day, yuchai generator should do the following work:

1. Routine inspection of oil level and coolant level before startup;

2. Separate the working device to ensure that the diesel engine starts without load;

3. Pull the throttle lever to one quarter of the full throttle;

4. Start the diesel engine, release the start switch as soon as the diesel engine catches fire.

 Yuchai Generators

Winter start-up requirements for yuchai diesel generators.

1. Check before you start. Carefully check the quantity and quality of the oil in the oil pan and the tightness of the connections.

2. Warm up before starting. It is found that when the temperature is lower than 10℃, the auxiliary preheating device can only start the diesel engine quickly in cold weather, but can not solve the problem of increasing the wear of the diesel engine in cold weather.

Therefore, when the temperature is below -3℃, ** combines the cold climate start assist with external preheating. For example, the cooling system directly adds hot water of more than 50C, or the combustion preheater is used in the cold season. After burning with diesel, the hot air is sprayed into more than 300°C, which rapidly improves the body temperature, reduces the oil viscosity and reduces the starting resistance. The method is simple, convenient and effective.

3. Add a spare battery for pre-operation. Before starting the ignition, the starter drives the diesel engine at a speed of 150-200 RPM to make the engine body temperature reach 50-60 RPM.



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