Why Diesel Engine Fuel System Cannot Start

Nov. 16, 2021

Dingbo electric power is very happy to share and discuss diesel engine injector diagnosis methods with you. The previous several articles discussed the analysis of some failures of the fuel system and some maintenance methods. Today, we will talk about the diesel engine injector diagnosis methods.  

Some common injector fault diagnosis and maintenance methods will be introduced in detail below.  

Diesel engine injector problems can be diagnosed as follows: Over time, the injector can become tired and weak.  Even if they are electronic, sometimes the mechanical parts inside the ejector can wear out, stop working properly, or even fail.  

Diesel Engine Fuel System Can't Start Due to Fuel Injector Failure?

In this case, the fault diagnosis instrument will usually find the cylinder with the contributing problem.  

However, in addition to wear or fatigue, injectors can fail.  One of the most common failures is fuel injector body rupture.When cracking can cause other problems, it's more difficult to determine.  Although the injector body may break, the engine may still run well, but it just takes longer to start.  

In addition, you may notice an elevated oil level and notice some fuel dilution in the oil.  When the engine is shut off, cracks in the injector body usually cause fuel to return to the tank from the fuel line and fuel gauge.  When a leak occurs, the engine must overspin for a period of time in order to reperfusion the injection system.  

 Diesel Engine Fuel System Can't Start Due to Fuel Injector Failure

The normal starting time for common-rail jet systems is usually about three to five seconds.  That's how long it takes for the common-rail pump to build fuel pressure to the "threshold."  In an engine, the controller does not start the injector until the fuel distribution line pressure reaches a threshold.  When the injector ruptures and the fuel leaks downward in the injection system, the start time is almost tripled in order for the fuel system to be refilled and the threshold required for ignition to be reached.  

Determining exactly which injector broke can be a lengthy process. First remove the valve chamber cover and then turn the engine to idle. Study the injector body of each cylinder with a lamp.  Sometimes, if the injector body cracks on the outside, you may notice a small plume of smoke coming out of the injector. The wisps of smoke that can sometimes be seen are actually aerosols of fuel released from cracks. But this wisp should not be confused with gas channeling, which can also be seen. If the outside of the injector ruptures and creates a plume of smoke, smell diesel in the air.  


While today's diagnostic tools and advanced engine electronics make it easier to pinpoint performance problems in diesel engines, that doesn't mean all problems can be so easily solved.  For more details, please contact Dingbo Power.  

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