Why Should The Mobile Generator Set Be Maintained Regularly

Feb. 04, 2022

The main role of mobile generator set is to be used as emergency backup power supply after power failure. According to the current power supply situation in China, diesel generator is rarely used 1-2 times a year, and most of the time is due to shutdown standby state. Once power failure, it must be started in time and power supply in time. Otherwise, unnecessary economic losses will be caused. So how can we ensure the normal operation of the generator in an emergency?


It is very important to pay attention to routine maintenance. The simple maintenance method is not in the state of power failure, also want to let the generator set start once a month, run for 3-5 minutes, and then empty the fuel, and finally cover the generator with dust cloth. This is the most economical and practical way. Why do you do that?


One: Battery:


Mobile generators if did not run for long time, the battery we commonly known as "electric leakage" phenomenon occurs, the electrolyte moisture volatilizes not supplemented in time, at the capacity of the battery power is to reduce, leading to loss of electricity, so for a long time will damage the battery, shorten the battery life, so even if long time don't generator, on a regular basis for battery maintenance is also very important, Only in this way can we ensure the normal ignition of the generator in an emergency.


Two: oil

The role of oil is to lubricate all parts of the generator. If it is the first time to use a new machine, the oil will be replaced every 50 hours, because the new machine runs in and out, the oil consumption is fast, and it is easy to get dirty. The second oil change time delay to 100 hours, and so on to adhere to about 2 years of time. And the oil is not suitable for a long time storage, otherwise there will be chemical action, serious cases will damage the machine.


Three: filter

Generator set in the process of operation, the effect of filter has played a major, but if too much of the impurity on the filter and oil and the absence of clear in time, the oil and impurities accumulate son screen wall caused by filter filtering effect is reduced, if pile up too much, oil will not be able to dredge, leading to a generator can't normal use. Therefore, the machine must be cleaned after the use of nozzle, air filter and other parts.Mob.: +86 134 8102 4441


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