Advantages of Yuchai Diesel Generator Set

Sep. 04, 2021

For the modern society that increasingly relies on electricity, whether it is production and manufacturing, construction operations, medical care or daily life, when the power is interrupted, all your business, work, production and life may be interrupted.

Today, Dingbo Power will introduce you the relevant information of diesel generator and Yuchai diesel generator as the correct solution for your enterprise.

Before purchasing any diesel generator, it is necessary to find out some important performance problems. Here are some key problems to be considered:

The generator you need is single-phase or three-phase.

How much power rating do you need?

How long do you need a diesel generator?

How long do you need a diesel generator to run?

The above questions should be considered before you decide to buy any diesel generator. For example, some large enterprises have a great demand for electricity every day, so they need a high-power three-phase diesel generator. Dingbo Yuchai diesel generator, a strong and durable electric machinery, is specially provided for commercial enterprises.

Of course, if it is a small enterprise, small construction site and small construction site, and the power demand is small, it can consider using a single-phase generator to meet the needs of small and medium-sized power. When deciding which option is appropriate for your business, you can address other factors, such as runtime and long-term use.

250KW Yuchai Diesel generator

Therefore, what are the advantages of Dingbo series Yuchai diesel generator?

Dingbo series Yuchai diesel generator set has the advantages of high efficiency and small space. Many of their models are suitable for various enterprises in the industry, which may take into account other factors (such as noise level and location setting).

1.Power and balance

Dingbo series Yuchai diesel generator set is famous for its powerful Yuchai diesel engine. Yuchai diesel engine has high power density. Yuchai diesel generator set adopts some of the most advanced engine control technologies to match the original engine power.

Relying on the independently developed three-dimensional fluid simulation technology, electronically controlled high-pressure common rail technology and four valve technology, intelligent electronically controlled injection system, Honeywell new supercharger, European forced cooling piston technology, low inertia small hole middle injector and other technologies, Dingbo series Yuchai diesel generator set is in power density, intelligent electronically controlled injection system, Honeywell new supercharger European forced cooling piston technology, low inertia small hole in center injector and so on perform better.

In addition, due to the use of Yuchai's original wet cylinder liner, high down support technology and four valve technology, the noise of Yuchai engine is also lower than that of similar domestic products. And because of the digital control system, it realizes a high degree of intelligence, and can provide a variety of functions, such as remote computer remote control, group control, telemetry, automatic paralleling, automatic fault protection and so on. Moreover, it can output rated power below 1000 meters above sea level and 110% overload power below 1 hour.

2.Small volume

Compared with other similar engines, Dingbo series Yuchai diesel generator set occupies much less space, but its power is greater.

Easy to operate and convenient.

According to the cost and manageability, diesel generator is the most convenient choice for enterprises.

Since diesel can be used for up to two years, even the whole winter, it is also easy to store. In winter, all those cold months need the preservative in diesel oil.

In addition, noise level is also the main factor for many businesses to decide which brand of generator to choose. Compared with other similar engines, some models of Yuchai diesel engine are the quietest.

At the same time, Dingbo series Yuchai diesel generator set has low maintenance and operation costs.

Dingbo series Yuchai diesel generator: reliable brand.

Power outages can also lead to the loss of funds. Using Dingbo series Yuchai diesel generators, you can reduce losses and keep your business going. Establishing a reliable brand can ensure that your company can rely on generators to provide reliable and stable power supply for a long time.

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