Have You Learned These Five Effective Skills to Reduce Noise of Diesel Generators

Sep. 04, 2021

When buying a diesel generator, people often worry that the generator noise is too loud. That's because it is generally believed that these devices are noisy. However, it actually depends on the reference coefficient. Today, Dingbo power introduces to you how to reduce the noise of diesel generators.

Here are five ways to make the diesel generator run quieter.

1. Distance.

The easiest way to reduce generator noise is to increase the distance between you and the diesel generator installation. As the generator moves farther and farther, the energy will spread further, thus reducing the sound intensity. According to the general rule, when the distance is doubled, the noise can be reduced by 6dB.

2. Sound barrier - wall, shell, fence.

The installation of a generator on an industrial plant will ensure that the concrete wall can act as a sound barrier and limit the transmission of sound.

Placing the generator in the standard generator cover and box can achieve 10dB noise reduction. By placing the generator in a custom housing, the noise can be reduced to a greater extent.

If the box does not have enough help, acoustic barriers can be used to create additional barriers. Non permanent noise barriers are fast and effective solutions in construction engineering, utility networks and outdoor environments. The installation will be facilitated by the installation of permanent, customized sound insulation screens.

If a separate chassis cannot solve the noise problem, an additional barrier can be made by using a sound barrier.

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3. Sound insulation.

In order to reduce the noise, echo and vibration of the generator enclosure / industrial room, you need an isolated space to absorb the sound. The thermal insulation materials shall be lined with sound-absorbing materials, or sound insulation wallboards and tiles shall be installed.

4.Anti vibration support.

Limiting noise on the power supply is another good way to reduce generator noise.

Placing the anti vibration support under the generator can eliminate vibration and reduce the transmission of noise. There are many different options for shockproof supports. For example, rubber mounts, spring mounts, spring mounts, shock absorbers, etc. Your choice will depend on the amount of noise you need to achieve.

5. Quiet speaker.

For industrial generators, the most effective way to reduce noise transmission is to use silent speakers. This is a device that limits the propagation of noise. The mute speaker can reduce the sound to 50dB to 90dB. According to the general law, the mute speaker can greatly reduce the noise of the generator.

If you already have a generator, the above tips for reducing generator noise are the best. For more information about diesel generators, please contact Dingbo power. The company will assist you in purchasing silent diesel generators according to your needs. Dingbo power can even reasonably install the generator in a noise free environment.

In addition to isolating the vibration of the generator base, the installation of flexible joints between the generator and the connecting system can also reduce the noise transmitted to the surrounding structures.

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