CCEC Cummins Engine Usage And Maintenance

Apr. 16, 2022

CCEC Cummins diesel generator is very popular by many people, many people are looking for the usage and maintenance information. This article is mainly about requirements for fuel oil, lubricating oil and coolant; daily and weekly maintenance; maintenance every 250h, 1500h, 4500h; operation and use. Hope they are helpful to you.

Firstly, what are the requirements of CCEC Cummins engine diesel fuel?

Use high-quality light diesel oil of No. 0 or lower temperature. Because use of higher temperature fuel will clog the filter, reduce power and make the engine difficult to start. Drain the water in the fuel filter in the hot state after shutdown. Change the filter regularly (250h). If dirty fuel is used, the filter will be clogged prematurely. Engine power will drop when the filter is clogged.

Secondly, what are the requirements of CCEC Cummins engine lubricating oil?

Viscosity conforms to SAE 15W40. Quality is API CD or higher. Regularly (250h) change the oil and filter. Oil of CF4 or above must be used at high altitudes. The combustion condition of the engine deteriorates in the plateau, and the oil pollution is very fast, and the life of the engine oil below the CF4 level is less than 250h. Oil that exceeds the replacement life will cause the engine not to be lubricated normally, the wear will increase, and early failure will occur.

 CCEC Cummins engine

Thirdly, what are requirements of coolant of CCEC Cummins engine?

Use a water filter or add DCA dry powder as required to prevent corrosion, cavitation and scaling of the cooling system.

Check the tightness of the water tank pressure cover and whether there is any leakage in the cooling system to ensure that the boiling point of the coolant does not decrease and the cooling system is normal.

Operation in cold regions should use glycol + water coolant or manufacturer-approved antifreeze for use under ambient conditions. Regularly check the DCA concentration and freezing point in the coolant.


Fourthly, what are the contents of CCEC Cummins engine maintenance?

1. Weekly engine inspection and maintenance

A. Check the intake resistance indicator, or replace the air filter;

B. Drain the water and sediment from the fuel tank;

C. Drain the water and sediment in the fuel filter;

D. If the fuel used is dirty or the ambient temperature is low;

E. There will be more condensed water in the fuel tank and filter;

F. The deposited water should be discharged daily.

2. Engine inspection and maintenance every 250h

A. Change the engine oil;

B. Replace the oil filter;

C. Replace the fuel filter;

D. Replace the water filter;

E. Check the coolant DCA concentration;

F. Check coolant freezing point (cold season);

G. Check or clean the radiator of the water tank blocked by dust.

3. Engine inspection and maintenance every 1500h

A.Check and adjust valve clearance 

B. Check and adjust the injector lift

4. Engine inspection and maintenance every 4500h

A. Adjusting the injectors and adjusting the fuel pump

B. Check or replace the following parts: Supercharger, Water Pump, Tensioner, Fan Hub, Air Compressor, Charger, Cold Start Auxiliary Heater.

5. CCEC Cummins generator engine operation use

A. When operating in certain sections, when the altitude exceeds the design value, the load should be reduced, the black smoke should be improved, the exhaust temperature should be reduced, and the reliability should be ensured.

B. When the engine is started in the cold season, the continuous starting time should not be too long (up to 30s), so as not to damage the battery and the starter.

C. Heating the battery in the cold season (up to 58°C) is conducive to normal charging and discharging.

D. Do not run the engine under heavy load immediately after starting the engine in the cold season, so as not to damage the engine, pay attention to the normal oil pressure and water temperature before increasing the load operation.

E. Shutdown under heavy load conditions, it should be shut down after 2-3 minutes of no-load or idling operation, otherwise it is easy to damage the supercharger and make the piston pull the cylinder.


Chongqing Cummins engine recommended oil and oil change interval

Replace oil cycle unit: Hour

API gradeCCEC gradeOil &CycleM11 engineNH engineK6 engineKV12 engine
Mechanical oil supplyEFI≥400HPOthers≥600HPOthers≥1200hpOthers
CDD gradeOil------------------Allowed-----Allowed-----Allowed
CF-4F gradeOilRecommend---Recommend
CG-4  H gradeOilRecommendAllowedRecommend

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