What are the Precautions for the Use of Diesel Generator Set Coolant

Jun. 15, 2022

Diesel generator sets generally have two cooling methods: liquid cooling and air cooling. Because the cooling effect of the liquid cooling type is uniform and stable, the strengthening potential is larger than that of the air cooling type, and the work is reliable. Therefore, most diesel generator sets currently use liquid cooling. This article will give you a detailed introduction to the requirements of the cooling system for the coolant and the precautions for use.

The cooling liquid (water) used in the cooling system of diesel generator sets must be clean and soft water, such as rainwater, snow water, tap water, etc., and should be filtered when used. Water containing more minerals, such as water, spring water, river water and seawater, is hard water. Calcium salts, magnesium salts and other components in hard water are easily decomposed at high temperatures and form scale in the water jacket. The thermal conductivity of scale is extremely poor (the thermal conductivity value is 1/50 of brass), which will seriously affect the cooling effect. In addition, the cooling water should have anti-rust and anti-freeze ability, which can be solved by adding the required additives. Although hard water cannot be used directly as cooling water, it can be used after softening.

Yuchai Genset

There are two commonly used methods for softening hard water:

(1) Boil hard water to precipitate impurities, and pour the clean water above into the cooling system.

(2) Add softener to hard water. For example, add 40 grams of caustic soda (ie, caustic soda) to 60 liters of hard water, and after a little stirring, the impurities will precipitate, and the water will be softened.

In winter, if the diesel generator set is stopped for too long, the cooling water may freeze, causing the cylinder block and cylinder head to freeze and crack. Therefore, when parking for a long time in winter, the cooling water in the cooling system must be drained or antifreeze coolant must be used in it.

Care must be taken when maintaining the cooling system

(1) Antifreeze coolant is poisonous.

(2) During use, due to the evaporation of water, the cooling liquid will decrease and become viscous. Therefore, if there is no leakage, it is necessary to regularly add an appropriate amount of pure soft water to the cooling system. Check the specific gravity of antifreeze every 20~40h.

(3) Antifreeze coolant is more expensive. After the winter action period is over, it can be stored in a sealed pot container for reuse in winter.

Diesel generator coolant replacement cycle

Coolant (Glycol Blend) and Coolant Filter Every 4 years or at least every 10,000 hours

Coolant (glycol mixture) without cooling filter every year or at least every 5000 hours

Precautions for the use of coolant

1. It is not allowed to use seawater to directly cool the diesel engine

The cooling liquid used in the cooling system to directly cool the diesel engine of the diesel generator set is usually clean fresh water, such as rainwater, tap water or clarified river water. If well water or other groundwater (hard water) is directly used, they contain more minerals, so it needs to be softened.

2. After the diesel engine finishes running, the coolant in each part should be drained


When the diesel generator set is used in an ambient condition below 0°C, the coolant should be strictly prevented from freezing, which may cause the related parts to freeze. Therefore, every time the diesel engine finishes running, the coolant in each part should be drained.

3. Never use 100% antifreeze as a coolant

Before using antifreeze for diesel engines, the dirt in the cooling system should be cleaned to prevent the formation of new chemical deposits, so as not to affect the cooling effect. For diesel engines that use antifreeze coolant, it is not necessary to release the coolant every time the engine is stopped, but its composition needs to be replenished and checked regularly.

4. In order to prevent burns, do not climb on the running or uncooled engine to remove the cooling water filler cap.

The cooling water of the engine is hot and pressurized at operating temperature. There is hot water in the radiator and in all lines to the heater or engine. When the pressure is released quickly, the hot water will turn into steam.

The above are the precautions for the use of diesel generator set coolant. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at dingbo@dieselgeneratortech.com and we will answer them for you.

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