Angel Yeast (Liuzhou) Co., Ltd. Purchased a 400kw Yuchai Diesel Generator Set

Jun. 17, 2022

On June 1, 2022, Angel Yeast (Liuzhou) Co., Ltd. successfully acquired a 400kw Yuchai diesel generator set. The generator set is equipped with a Yuchai diesel engine and a Shanghai Stamford generator. This set will be used as a backup power supply.

With the continuous development of diesel engine technology, the emergence of electronically controlled diesel engines has essentially solved the problems of high noise, large vibration and serious emission pollution of traditional diesel engines. However, with the continuous expansion of the application range of diesel engines, the technology of diesel generators has also made great progress. This article introduces the development trend and advantages of Yuchai diesel engine technology.

Modern diesel engines require high power performance and economic performance, which can effectively control exhaust emissions and noise pollution. Therefore, it is necessary to further optimize their power performance, improve the economy of fuel use, and control emissions. To reduce pollution to the global environment, specifically, diesel electronic control technology will develop in the following aspects.

Angel Yeast (Liuzhou) Co., Ltd. purchased a 400kw Yuchai diesel generator set

(1) High fuel injection pressure.

At present, in order to further meet the relevant emission regulations, the diesel injection pressure has increased from 10 MPa in the past to 200 MPa today. The higher the injection pressure, the better the mixing quality of diesel and air, the shorter the ignition delay period, the more thorough and rapid the corresponding combustion, the finer and fewer particles of the corresponding emissions, and the higher the effective utilization of fuel.

(2) Independent fuel injection control.

For traditional diesel engines, the injection pressure of the fuel supply system is determined by the speed load. If the diesel engine is at low speed and partial load, the fuel injection pressure is low, which is very unfavorable for fuel economy and emissions. The independent fuel injection control can control the injection timing and the amount of oil injected into the cylinder before the top dead center of the diesel engine piston, so as to control the air-fuel ratio of the mixture entering the cylinder, so that the diesel engine's low-speed part-load mixture burns more fully.

(3) Variable pre-injection control capability.

Pre-injection not only reduces particulate emissions, but NOx emissions are not increased, and the cold-start performance of the diesel engine is improved. The emission of white smoke can be reduced under cold working conditions, and the problems of noise and low-speed torque cannot be improved to the same extent. Therefore, if the diesel engine has variable pre-injection control capability, it will greatly enhance the performance of the diesel engine and improve its emissions.

(4) Minimum oil quantity and quick oil cut-off control.

Diesel engine idling requires better control of small fuel quantities. For commercial diesel engines, the working conditions are relatively complex, and idling conditions often occur, so in order to achieve minimum fuel quantity control, EFI diesel engines can be used. Once the injection ends, the fuel must be cut off quickly in a short time, otherwise the diesel will be injected with low pressure and black smoke will be emitted due to insufficient combustion, and the emission of HC will increase. The high-speed electromagnetic switch valve technology is applied to the fuel injector of the EFI diesel engine, and the fuel can be cut off quickly.

Advantages of EFI Diesel Engines

The advantages of EFI diesel engines are reflected in several aspects:

①Higher economy and lower emissions. The diesel electronic control system can realize the precise control of the fuel injection advance angle under different working conditions, and can keep it in the best state, so as to realize the function of reducing consumption and emission reduction.

②The working reliability of diesel engines has been improved. During the operation of the diesel engine, the electronic control system can perform real-time detection on the parameters that affect the reliability of the engine. If a parameter is found to be inconsistent with the set range, the system can immediately send an alarm message and control the corresponding actuator to adjust the parameters until they are in normal condition. Certain important parameter systems can also provide multiple protections to prevent more serious accidents.

③The operating conditions of the diesel engine can be controlled with high precision. If the operating parameters of the diesel engine do not match the target value, or the operating state is not good, the electronic control system can make adjustments and control immediately to maintain the stability of the operating conditions of the diesel engine and improve its control accuracy. ④ Strong adaptability. Before the almighty electric governor leaves the factory, its software program has already programmed various speed control programs. The transfer switch on the control box is used to adjust the speed control. Users can adjust the speed according to the actual use of the diesel engine. The setting of the speed regulation greatly improves the adaptability of the diesel engine.

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