8 Major Factors for Abnormal Noise of Generator Set

Aug. 04, 2021

When there are abnormal noise in generator set, maybe indicate there are faults in generator set. Today Dingbo Power shares eight factors for abnormal noise of generator set. When you meet below phenomenons, will can judge the faults and deal with it in time.

1.Abnormal noise of the cylinder head gasket.

There are small bubbles on the edge of the cylinder head gasket, which will make a "chatter, chuck" blow-by noise, which is small and sharp at the beginning, and has a growing tendency. The reasons are: uneven tightening force of cylinder head nut, deformation of cylinder head or cylinder head gasket. High-temperature gas leaks along the gap, causing the cylinder gasket to burn; the generating set is overloaded for a long time, and the temperature is too high to burn the cylinder gasket. When the cylinder head is found to be leaking, it should be disassembled and inspected in a cold state to check whether the cylinder head gasket is deformed or burned. Replace with new ones when damaged.

2.Abnormal noise in valve.

When the valve clearance is too large, the rocker arm's impact on the valve rod end is aggravated, so a loud knocking noise is made. After the engine is warmed up, the valve clearance will become smaller, so the knocking noise will be smaller. If the valve clearance is too small, the sound of "cha, cha, cha" will be emitted, and the noise will increase with the increase of the engine speed, and it will be more obvious when the engine is warming up, and the exhaust valve may be burned in severe cases.

3.Abnormal noise of piston crown.

It is generally a loud metal percussion noise. There are three reasons: one is that foreign objects such as small washers, screws, etc.) fall into the cylinder through the intake pipe or the hole of the device injector, and hit the top of the piston when the piston moves to the vicinity of the top dead center; the other is that the gas distribution phase is incorrect, such as the early valve opening angle or the late exhaust valve closing angle is too large, or the valve timing gear is installed incorrectly, etc., can cause the piston to collide with the valve; third, the connecting rod bearing is seriously worn or damaged, causing the connecting rod bearing clearance When the piston moves to the vicinity of the top dead center, it will collide with the valve. In severe cases, it can even hit the cylinder head.

4.Abnormal noise of bearing bush.

The characteristics of connecting rod bearing noise are closely related to changes in load and speed. When the speed and load increase, the noise also increases. When it accelerates suddenly, the continuous noise of "Dangdang" is especially obvious.

8 Major Factors for Abnormal Noise of Generator Set

5.Abnormal noise of the cylinder.

When diesel generator set is running at idling speed or slightly higher than idling speed, it emits a "dangdang" noise similar to the beating of a small hammer, which is the so-called knocking cylinder, which is accompanied by excessive diesel consumption and high oil consumption. The reasons for knocking cylinders are: piston and cylinder wear severely, piston and cylinder wall matching clearance is too large; piston deformation, piston pin and connecting rod bushing too tight, connecting rod deformation, piston skew operation in the cylinder; fuel injection poor operation of the device, improper adjustment of the early oil supply angle, or uneven oil supply of each cylinder, etc.

6.Abnormal noise of end of connecting rod. 

If the big end of the connecting rod of the oil pan hits the oil pan, the oil pan will vibrate and make a relatively depressed "percussion vibration" noise.

7.Abnormal noise of the flywheel housing.

Since the effective torque of electric generator set is output by the flywheel, once the flywheel screws are loosened, it will inevitably produce fierce vibration and make a big abnormal noise at the flywheel housing.

8.Abnormal noise in the gear chamber.

The noise in the gear chamber is directly related to the tooth gap. When the backlash exceeds the regular value, intense noise will be generated. The abnormal noise produced by the excessive gear gap is dense and clear "rusting" sound, and the loudness is intense.

Above are eight major factors of abnormal noise in generator set, hope they are helpful to you. Dingbo Power not only provide technical supports, but also supply diesel generating set, if you are interested, welcome to contact us, our email is dingbo@dieselgeneratortech.com, we will guide you to choose the best product.

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