Common Faults of Perkins Diesel Generating Set

Jul. 22, 2021

There are some common faults when using Perkins diesel generating set, today Dingbo Power generator manufacturer shares the common faults with you. 


1.Black smoke from exhaust

The black smoke in the exhaust is mainly carbon particles with incomplete combustion of fuel. Therefore, the excessive supply of fuel in the fuel supply system, the reduction of air in the intake system, the poor sealing of the combustion chamber composed of cylinder block, cylinder head and piston, and the poor injection quality of the fuel injector will make the fuel combustion incomplete, resulting in black smoke in the exhaust. The main reasons for black smoke are as follows:


A. The oil supply quantity of high pressure oil pump is too large or the oil supply quantity of each cylinder is uneven.

B. The valve seal is not tight, resulting in air leakage and low cylinder compression pressure.

C. The air inlet of the air filter is blocked and the air intake resistance is large, which makes the air intake insufficient.

D. Serious wear of cylinder liner, piston and piston ring.

E. Poor operation of fuel injector.

F.The engine is overloaded.

G.The fuel supply advance angle of the fuel injection pump is too small, and the combustion process moves back to the exhaust process.

H.Control failure of gasoline EFI system, etc.

The engine with black smoke can be checked and eliminated by adjusting the high-pressure oil pump, checking the injector injection test, measuring the cylinder compression pressure, cleaning the air inlet, adjusting the fuel supply advance angle, and diagnosing the fault of the gasoline EFI system.

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2.White smoke from exhaust.

The white smoke in the exhaust is mainly the fuel particles or water vapor that are not fully atomized and burned. Therefore, the exhaust will emit white smoke if the fuel cannot be atomized or water enters the cylinder. The main reasons are as follows:


A.The air temperature is low and the cylinder pressure is insufficient, the fuel atomization is not good, especially in the early stage of cold start.

B.The cylinder gasket is damaged and the cooling water seeps into the cylinder.

C.The cylinder block is cracked and the cooling water seeps into the cylinder.

D.High water content in fuel oil, etc.


It is considered normal that white smoke is emitted from the exhaust during cold start and disappears after the engine is warmed up. If white smoke is still emitted during normal operation of the vehicle, it is a fault. It is necessary to check and analyze whether the cooling water in the water tank is consumed abnormally, whether each cylinder works normally, and whether the water volume of the oil-water separator is too much, so as to eliminate the fault.

3.Blue smoke from exhaust


The blue smoke in the exhaust is mainly the result of excessive oil channeling into the combustion chamber to participate in combustion. Therefore, all the reasons that cause the oil into the combustion chamber will make the exhaust blue smoke. The main reasons are as follows:


A.The piston ring is broken.

B.The oil return hole on the oil ring is blocked by carbon deposition, and the oil scraping function is lost.

C.The opening of piston ring turns together, resulting in oil channeling from the opening of piston ring.

D.The piston ring is seriously worn or stuck in the ring groove by carbon deposition, thus losing its sealing function.

E. Install the air ring upside down, scrape the engine oil into the cylinder and burn it.

F.The elasticity of piston ring is not enough and the quality is unqualified.

G.Improper assembly or aging failure of valve guide oil seal and loss of sealing function.

H. The piston and cylinder are seriously worn.

I.Too much oil will cause too much oil splash, and the oil ring will not have time to scrape off the excess oil from the cylinder wall.


Hope above information is helpful to you in learning diesel generator set. As long as we know more about information, we will solve the faults correctly in time. 

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