Exhaust System Installation for 500 kW Diesel Generator Set

Dec. 14, 2021

Today Dingbo Power introduces the installation of smoke exhaust system of 500kW diesel generator set.

1. The hot mufflers and pipes of 500 kW diesel generator sets used in mines must be kept away from combustibles, and appropriate high-temperature protection measures shall be taken for them according to relevant measurements to ensure personal safety;

2. When installing the smoke exhaust system, the exhaust gas shall be discharged to the area without harm to personnel. When designing the smoke exhaust system, its back pressure should be considered to affect the performance and service life of the unit;

weichai diesel generator

3. Flexible connection shall be adopted between the smoke exhaust pipe and the unit. On one side, the vibration of the generator unit shall be transmitted to the discharge pipe and building, and the pipe shall be observed for thermal expansion or defects;

4. Make the muffler and pipeline of the unit well supported to reduce the load on the connecting surface, otherwise it is easy to cause cracks and leakage;

5. The smoke exhaust system installed in the generator room must be separated by thermal insulation layer to reduce heat and noise. Mufflers and pipes, whether indoors or outdoors, shall be kept away from combustibles;

6. According to the requirements of 500 kW diesel generator set, the vertical or parallel smoke exhaust pipe shall have slope. At the lower part, there shall be a drain to prevent water from entering the engine;

7. When the pipe passes through the wall, the perforation of the wall must be installed with through wall casing for heat insulation and shock absorption;

8. The output end of smoke exhaust pipe of 500kW diesel generator set shall be cut into an angle of 60 ° with the horizontal plane if it is horizontal. If it is vertical, in order to prevent rainwater and snow from entering the smoke exhaust pipe, a shield shall be set therein;

9. It is forbidden to connect the smoke exhaust pipe of the generator set with the air supply and exhaust pipe of other generator sets or other equipment (such as boiler, oven, etc.).

How to install the smoke exhaust system of 500 kW diesel generator set? Dingbo Power has made an introduction. We hope the above introduction can bring reference to users.

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