How Do You Prepare to Rent Commercial Generators

Oct. 30, 2021

At present, with the development of social economy, the demand for generators in all walks of life is increasing day by day. However, with the increase of social demand, a considerable number of enterprises will choose generator leasing for economic consideration. On the one hand, it not only saves the limited funds of the enterprise to a great extent, but also avoids being idle after the equipment is used for a period of time. However, in the process of leasing, you still need to pay attention to the following matters.

Before renting a commercial generator, you should know something. According to power of electrical appliances to select the power of the generator. If power is small, it can not run the electrical appliances, if generator is too big, it will waste diesel fuel. The output power of the generator is generally about 65% - 70%.

How Do You Prepare to Rent Commercial Generators

First of all, pay attention to the selection of diesel generator rental manufacturers.

1. Whether the price is at the average level of the same industry, you can shop around.

2. It is a company scale factory with a certain scale, which is relatively reliable in terms of quality.

3. It's after-sales service.

4. It is the supply of accessories and consumables. If it is an imported unit, see whether the manufacturer has enough imported accessories and consumables.

Secondly, pay attention to the selection of diesel generator set.

1. Purpose of diesel generator set. Because the diesel generator set can be used in three situations: prime, standby and emergency. Therefore, the requirements of diesel generator sets for different purposes are different.

2. Load capacity. The load capacity and load variation range shall be selected according to different purposes, and the single unit capacity and standby diesel generator capacity of diesel generator set shall be determined.

3. Operating environmental conditions of the unit (mainly referring to altitude and climatic conditions)

4. Selection of diesel generator, selection of generator and excitation mode, selection of automation function of diesel generator.

For a rented commercial Generators, what specific requirements should be met when the generator enters the site?

The contractor should supply installation and accessories, but not limit below items:

1.Whole set of diesel generator set, including radiator, fan, shock absorber, foot bolt, etc.

2.Include all accessories and controller to have a complete operating system.

3.DC start up system, such as battery, battery charger etc.

4.A complete set of fuel delivery system, including daily oil tank, delivery pipe dirt filter valve, valve and required oil supply pump.

5.Noise reduction of generator room.

6.Earth protection in generator room.

7.Low voltage distribution cabinet in the machine room and cables and bridges from the generator control panel to the distribution cabinet.

8.Complete exhaust system and corresponding insulation, including all silencers, suspension devices and thermal insulation.

The generator set shall be equipped with manual and automatic activation facilities, and can complete the operation from starting, outputting normal voltage to automatic connection to rated load within 15s when the main power supply fault or deviation exceeds the acceptable limit.

The power generation equipment shall be suitable for cold start and have sufficient capacity to meet the load requirements under the most severe conditions according to the load table listed on the drawing. The details of generator capacity shall be subject to the design drawings. The capacity of power generation equipment shall be considered, but not limited to the following items:

(1) Reduce the rated output factor (due to the influence of altitude, ambient temperature, power factor, etc.).

(2) Impact load.

(3) Transient voltage drop.

(4) Temporary overload.

(5) Regeneration power.

(6) Rectifier load.

(7) Unbalanced load of each phase.

(8) Instability caused by the interaction between voltage regulation systems (such as automatic voltage regulation system of power generation equipment and uninterruptible power supply equipment).

(9) After 12h continuous full load operation, the overload capacity exceeds 10% of the nameplate continuous rated capacity and then operates continuously for 1 hour.

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