Second Part: How to Deal with Starting Faults of Diesel Generating Sets

Jul. 30, 2021

6.ESC failure.

The troubleshooting method of the ESC circuit problem: when the power supply voltage is normal, start the diesel engine, use the AC voltage range of the multimeter to measure the 3 and 4 points on the ESC board. The AC voltage of the sensor is required to be no less than 1 volt. If it cannot be measured the voltage indicates that the sensor is damaged or the sensor gap is too large. Solution: Replace with a new sensor or readjust the sensor gap. The sensor can be screwed to the bottom by half a turn. If the sensor cannot be started after troubleshooting, use the DC voltage of a multimeter to measure the ESC Subs 1 and 2 on the board, 2 is negative, 1 is positive, the DC voltage of the actuator should not be less than 5 volts when starting the car. If the voltage cannot be measured or the voltage is very small, it means the ESC is damaged or the actuator is damaged. Method: After replacing the new ESC, if the vehicle starts normally, the fault is eliminated, if it is still abnormal, the actuator can be replaced until the fault is completely eliminated.

7.Fuel oil circuit failure.

It is caused by air entering the fuel system. This is a common fault. It is usually caused by improper handling when replacing the fuel filter element (for example, the fuel filter element is not exhausted after the fuel filter element is replaced) causing air to enter. After the air enters the pipeline with the fuel, the fuel content in the pipeline is reduced, and the pressure is reduced. The high-pressure fuel injection atomization of the fuel injector opening the nozzle and reaching above 10297Kpa causes the engine to fail to start.

Second Part: How to Deal with Starting Faults of Diesel Generating Sets

1. Check the low pressure oil circuit. The oil pipe is not discounted, there is no air in the oil circuit, and the hand oil pump is not deflated when starting. Check that the overflow valve is intact. Both the fine filter and the coarse filter have been changed to eliminate the problem of the low pressure oil circuit.

2. Check the high-pressure oil circuit, loosen the high-pressure oil pipe and the connecting nut of the fuel injector with a wrench, and the pump should have no air (bubbles). It is normal.


3. Check the fuel injection volume. The actual fuel injection volume has been higher than the normal value, but the engine still cannot be started. At this time, exhaust treatment is required (the Caterpillar diesel generator set needs to be exhausted with a hand pump), and the fuel delivery pump inlet pressure reaches 345Kpa or more Time can be.


8.Starting motor failure.

If the motor circuit or machinery fails, the starting motor cannot be operated, and it must be repaired before it can be used, or it is recommended to replace it .

The starter motor does not engage with the flywheel teeth of the engine, and the starter motor forms an idling and fails to start the engine.

The starting motor will not work due to the failure of the electrical circuit in the unit, such as: the intermediate relay is short-circuited, the fuse is burned, etc.

9.Not replace lubricating oil and fuel oil on schedule.

In the cold season, if the low-viscosity lubricating oil and fuel are not changed in time, the diesel engine will be difficult to start.


The diesel generator can't be started can be solved by the above methods, you can also contact our technicians to deal with the faults. Or if you have purchasing plan of electric generators, welcome to contact us by email 

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