How to Repair the Water Pump of Diesel Generator Set

Sep. 23, 2022

The water pump is an important part of the diesel generator set. Its role is to increase the pressure of cooling water and accelerate the circulation of water in the cooling system. Its quality directly affects the cooling function of the diesel generator set. Dingbo Power kindly reminds that if the water pump is damaged, the user can carry out corresponding maintenance according to different damage conditions. The specific operation can refer to the following steps:


1. If the water turbine casing is cracked or cracked, a crack stop hole can be drilled at both ends of the crack to prevent further cracking, and then the cast iron welding rod can be welded. Pay attention to preheating before welding, and let it cool down naturally after welding.

 Diesel Generator Set

2. If the water pump bearing is loose, it shall be disassembled for comprehensive inspection. If the bearing connecting plate is seriously worn, it shall be replaced; If the pump shaft and impeller hole are loose, brush plating can be used to restore them; If other parts of the impeller are damaged, repair welding can be carried out.


3. If the water seal is not tight or damaged, it needs to be replaced to prevent water leakage of the unit. During operation, first remove the belt pulley and belt with a puller, then clamp the impeller with a vise, take out the water seal of the water pump shaft and replace it with a new one. After replacing the water seal, it is necessary to restore the interference fit between the pump shaft and the impeller.


The good operation of the water pump can ensure that the diesel generator set keeps normal cooling during operation, which is very important for the unit. If you find that the water pump fails during use, you can carry out corresponding maintenance according to the above three points. If you need professional manufacturers to carry out on-site maintenance, please call Dingbo Power. Dingbo Power is a generator manufacturer with 16 years of experience, which can provide you with diesel generator set design, supply, commissioning One stop maintenance service.

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