Installation of Smoke Exhaust in Diesel Generator Room

Oct. 31, 2022

At present, most diesel generator sets exist indoors, so when designing the generator room, smoke exhaust in the machine room has become a key problem to be solved. The smoke exhaust system is used to exhaust the exhaust gas in the cylinder of the diesel generator set to the outside. As there are many brands of diesel generators, and the smoke exhaust volume of each brand is different, the smoke exhaust pipe size of diesel generator sets should be determined by each product. The smoke exhaust system of the diesel generator set is of great significance to the normal operation of the diesel generator set. The following items must be noted during installation:

1. Make turns as short as possible. The more bends, the greater the smoke exhaust resistance, and the greater the pipe diameter. When passing through three 90 degree elbows, the pipe diameter increases by 25.4mm. The length and direction change times of smoke exhaust pipe must be reduced to the minimum.

2. Generally, the thermal expansion degree of the pipe is 1.33mm/m/C, so when the temperature rises from 35 ℃ to 500 ℃, a 10m long pipe will extend about 50mm. Therefore, expansion joints or roller exhaust support systems should be considered during installation.

Installation of Smoke Exhaust in Diesel Generator Room

3. When installing the straight pipe, tilt it downward slightly.

4. Wrap the exhaust pipe and muffler with thermal insulation materials to avoid temperature rise in the generator room.

5. The weight of exhaust pipe shall not be imposed on the engine. First, excessive vibration fatigue stress of exhaust components can be reduced; The other is to allow relative movement of exhaust components. For example, thermal expansion and cold contraction caused by temperature change, plastic deformation of any structural member or counter torque generated by generator assembly on spring type shock absorber.

6. If the exhaust hose needs thermal insulation, it must be ensured that the thermal insulation material cannot prevent the free expansion and contraction of the exhaust hose.

7. If the exhaust pipe is too long, the natural compensation section shall be used. If there is no condition, a compensator shall be installed.

8. After all exhaust pipes are welded, the welding slag in the pipes must be cleaned before they can be put back for installation and use.

9. It is prohibited for multiple diesel generator sets to share a smoke pipe for exhaust, because the water vapor in the smoke of the operating unit will enter the non operating unit and eventually cause engine damage due to condensation.

10. When the smoke exhaust pipe in the machine room is laid overhead, the indoor part shall be provided with a thermal insulation protective layer, and the thickness of the thermal insulation layer below 2 meters from the ground shall not be less than 60 mm; When the smoke exhaust pipe is laid overhead under the fuel pipe or laid in the trench and needs to pass through the fuel pipe, safety measures shall also be considered.

The above are some precautions about the design of the smoke exhaust system in diesel generator room that Dingbo Power introduced to you. We hope to help you. Dingbo Power is a diesel generator manufacturer that integrates the design, supply, commissioning and maintenance of diesel generator sets. We can customize 30KW-3000KW diesel generator sets of various specifications according to customer needs. You are welcome to call us for consultation.

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