How to Use Diesel Generator Sets in Harsh Environments

Oct. 11, 2021

When diesel generator sets are operated in harsh environments, such as high altitude plateau areas or in extremely cold climates, in order to ensure normal operation, some measures must be taken for diesel generator sets. The following is the diesel generator manufacturer Dingbo Power’s response to these Some methods adopted by the situation are for your reference!


1.In the high altitude plateau area.


When working in high-altitude plateau areas, lower power diesel generator sets should be used. This is because the engines supporting diesel generator sets, especially the naturally aspirated engines, cannot fully burn the fuel in the plateau area where the air is thin, and lose some power. Generally, the power loss is about 3% for every 300m increase in altitude.


2. Under extreme cold weather conditions.


It is necessary to add some auxiliary starting equipment, such as fuel heaters, oil heaters, water jacket heaters, etc., and use these heaters to heat up the cooling engine to make the engine move.


Install low temperature alarm for generator set in the machine room. When the temperature in the engine room is above 4°C, install a coolant heater to maintain the temperature of the engine block above 32°C. If you are working in an environment below -18°C, you need to add a lubricating oil heater, a fuel pipe and a fuel filter heater to prevent the fuel from being frozen and unusable.These heaters are installed on the engine oil pan. When the oil is hot, the diesel engine can start. It is recommended to use -10# to -35# light diesel oil. Use low-temperature lubricating oil to reduce the viscosity of lubricating oil to improve the fluidity of lubricating oil and reduce the internal friction resistance of the liquid. Use high-energy batteries, such as the current nickel-metal hydride batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries. If the temperature in the computer room drops below 0°C, a battery heater should be equipped. In order to improve the ignition conditions of the diesel engine, the intake preheater (electric heating or flame preheating) is used. The intake preheater heats the mixture (or air) entering the cylinder, thereby increasing the compression end temperature.

How to Use Diesel Generator Sets in Harsh Environments


3. Work in high humidity conditions.


For the generator set to work in high humidity, heaters should be installed in the generator windings and control box to prevent the generator windings and the control box from causing short circuits or destroying the insulation due to condensation.


The above-mentioned various measures taken for the engine of the diesel generator set have different requirements for the low-temperature starting performance of the engines of different uses and models, and the low-temperature starting measures adopted are also different. For those engines with high requirements for low-temperature starting performance, in order to ensure that they can be started smoothly at low temperatures, it is sometimes necessary to adopt multiple measures at the same time to use the engine. If you want to buy diesel generators, you can choose Dingbo Power, which can customize diesel generators suitable for you. If you are interested, please contact us by email

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