Precautions for Maintenance of High Pressure Common Rail Diesel Generator

Nov. 25, 2021

Cummins diesel generator manufacturer teaches you maintenance knowledge: precautions for maintenance of high voltage common rail diesel generator.


1. Daily use

The high-pressure common rail diesel generator is generally equipped with preheater. When it is started under low temperature environment, the preheating switch can be turned on first. When the preheater indicator light is on, it indicates that the preheater starts to work. After a period of preheating, the diesel generator can be started after the preheating indicator is off. The preheating indicator also has alarm function. If the preheating indicator flashes during the operation of common rail diesel generator, it indicates that the diesel generator control system has failed and should be repaired as soon as possible.


Do not use high-pressure water to flush the fuel injection system of common rail diesel generator, because after the water enters the electronic control unit, sensor, actuator and its connector, the connector is often rusted, resulting in "soft fault" that is difficult to find in the electronic control system.

 Precautions for Maintenance of High Pressure Common Rail Diesel Generator

The electronic control unit, sensor and actuator of high-voltage common rail diesel generator are particularly sensitive to voltage. Even if the battery has a slight power loss, it will affect the normal operation of the electronic control system. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the storage capacity of the battery sufficient. If welding repair is carried out on the high-voltage common rail diesel generator, the cable of the battery must be disassembled, the connector of the ECU must be disconnected, and it is best to remove the precision electronic control unit. Electronic control units, sensors, relays, etc. are low-voltage components, and the overvoltage generated during welding is very easy to burn the above electronic devices.


In addition, the next operation can only be carried out after the high-pressure common rail diesel generator is shut down for at least 5min, so as to prevent personal injury caused by high-pressure fuel injection.


2. Cleaning measures

High pressure common rail diesel generator has very strict requirements for oil products, and the content of sulfur, phosphorus and impurities is very low. High quality light diesel oil and engine oil must be used. Poor quality diesel oil is easy to cause blockage and abnormal wear of fuel injectors. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly drain the water and sediment in the oil-water separator, and regularly clean or replace the diesel filter and oil filter. In view of the fact that the quality of diesel used by domestic generator sets is difficult to fully meet the requirements of high-pressure common rail diesel generator, it is recommended to use special diesel additives to add to the fuel tank and clean the fuel supply system regularly.


Before disassembling the fuel injection system, or when the nozzle of fuel injection system parts (such as fuel injector, oil delivery pipe, etc.) is found to be stained with dust, it is recommended to use dust suction equipment to absorb the surrounding dust, and do not use high-pressure gas blowing, high-pressure water flushing or ultrasonic cleaning.


The maintenance generator set room and tools must be kept highly clean to avoid dust accumulation. In the maintenance generator set room, particles and fibers polluting the fuel injection system are not allowed, and welding machines, grinding machines and other equipment that may pollute the fuel injection system are not allowed.


The clothes of maintenance operators shall be clean, and it is not allowed to carry dust and metal chips. It is not allowed to wear fluffy clothes to avoid polluting the fuel injection system. Wash hands before maintenance operation. Smoking and eating are absolutely prohibited during operation.


3. Disassembly, storage and transportation of parts.

After the high-pressure common rail diesel generating set runs, it is forbidden to disassemble the high-pressure common rail injection system. When removing or installing the oil return pipe of high-pressure oil pump, force along the axial direction to avoid bending. Each nut shall be tightened to the specified torque and shall not be damaged. After the oil supply system is disassembled, even if the interval is very short, the clean protective cap should be worn immediately, and the protective cap can be removed before reassembly. The accessories of high-pressure common rail injection system should be unpacked before use, and the protective cap should be removed before assembly.


When storing and transporting high-pressure common rail diesel generator parts, the fuel injector, high-pressure oil pump assembly, fuel rail assembly and other injection system components shall wear protective caps, and the fuel injector shall be wrapped with oil paper. The parts shall be prevented from collision during transportation. When taking and placing them, they can only touch the body of the parts. It is forbidden to touch the joints of the inlet and outlet oil pipes and the nozzle holes of the fuel injector, so as to avoid polluting the high-pressure common rail injection system.

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