Seven Items of Air Inlet and Outlet of Cummins Generator

Feb. 17, 2022

Air inlet and outlet system are important part of Cummins generator. Today Dingbo Power tell you seven matters of air inlet and outlet system when install them, hope it is helpful to you.

1. The water tank end of Cummins diesel generator set shall be equipped with an exhaust channel, and the exhaust outlet shall be 1.2-1.5 times larger than the effective area of the water tank.

2. The air inlet and outlet of the generator room must be unblocked so that the high temperature of the engine does not meet the requirements of the technical performance of the engine.

Seven Items of Air Inlet and Outlet of Cummins Generator

3. Pay attention to the protection of the outlet of the exhaust channel to prevent damage to the radiator and water tank. If conditions permit, thermal insulation measures in winter shall be added.

4. The air inlet shall have sufficient air flow in the same direction as the air flow of the air outlet, and the inlet shall also have rain and insect prevention measures.

5. The air in and out of the machine room must be unblocked, the room should be bright, and there should be a maintenance site around the unit.

6. For the generator set of cooling water tank, users often check whether there is dust and oil on the radiator of water tank during use, so as to avoid bad cooling effect.

7. Clean the water tank once a year or after 400-500 hours of continuous operation. For places with poor environment, corresponding protective measures shall be added. Regularly check and clean the oil stains or dust of the water tank and intercooler, and supplement the coolant and add preservatives for rust removal.

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