What are the Advantages of Diesel Generator Sets in Use

Oct. 22, 2021

What are the advantages of diesel generator sets in use? The following is introduced by Dingbo Power.


1. There are many levels of stand-alone capacity, easy to configure.

The single engine capacity of diesel generator sets ranges from several kilowatts to tens of thousands of kilowatts. According to its use and load conditions, a large range of capacities can be selected, and it has the advantage of being suitable for a variety of power loads. When diesel generator sets are used as emergency and backup power sources, one or more sets can be used, and the installed capacity can be flexibly configured according to actual needs.


2. Light weight per unit power, flexible installation.

Diesel generator sets have relatively simple supporting equipment, less auxiliary equipment, small size, and light weight. Taking high-speed diesel engines as an example, they are generally 8-20kg/KW. Steam power units are more than 4 times larger than diesel engines. Due to the characteristic of diesel generator set, it is flexible, convenient and convenient to move.

Diesel generator sets used as the main power source for independent power supply mostly adopt independent configuration, while standby or emergency diesel generator sets are generally used in conjunction with transformation equipment. Since diesel generator sets generally do not operate in parallel with the municipal power grid, and at the same time, the generator sets do not need sufficient water sources (the cooling water consumption of diesel engines is 34~82L/(KW.h), which is only 1/10 of the turbine generator sets), and it accounts for The ground area is small, so the installation location of the unit is more flexible.


3. High thermal efficiency and low fuel consumption.

The effective thermal efficiency of the diesel engine is 30-46%, the high-pressure steam turbine is 20-40%, and the gas turbine is 20-30%. It can be seen that the effective thermal efficiency of the diesel engine is relatively high, so its fuel consumption is low.


4. Start quickly and reach full power quickly.

The diesel engine generally only takes a few seconds to start, and it can be fully loaded within 1 min in an emergency state; it will be fully loaded within 5 to 10 minutes under normal working conditions, while the steam power plant generally requires 3 to full load from start-up to full load. 4h. The shutdown process of the diesel engine is also very short, and it can be started and stopped frequently. Therefore, diesel generator sets are very suitable as emergency or backup power sources.

Why Choose Diesel Generator Set


5. Simple operation and convenient maintenance.

As long as the general staff who have read the unit manual carefully can start the power generator smoothly and carry out the daily maintenance work of the unit. When the unit fails, it can be repaired by the machine method, which requires fewer repair personnel and is convenient for maintenance.


6. The comprehensive cost of power station construction and power generation is low.

Compared with water turbine units that need to build dams, steam turbine units that need to be equipped with boilers and larger fuel preparation and water treatment systems, diesel power plants have a small footprint, fast construction speed, and low investment costs.

Therefore, whether it is field operations or large-scale electrical equipment such as ships, excavators, construction machinery, etc., it is necessary to rely on diesel generator sets to provide a continuous supply of electrical energy. The increasing use of diesel fuel requires the use of magic capsules to reduce diesel consumption.


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