Analysis Of The Impact Of Operation Of Diesel Genertaors

Mar. 15, 2022

High water temperature is one of the most common faults of water - cooled diesel engines. Due to the different thermal expansion coefficient of cylinder liner and piston friction pair materials, high temperature will make the clearance smaller, the lubrication condition becomes worse, and over time will cause the cylinder and piston ring viscosity. In addition, high water temperature will reduce the viscosity of lubricating oil, damage the oil film, reduce the lubrication effect and dynamic performance. Therefore, the high temperature of diesel engine must be controlled within the allowable value.Dingbo Power analyzes the causes of high water temperature when diesel engines are running for customers;

1. Improper selection of coolant or insufficient amount of water.

The diesel engine used in construction machinery generally works at a high temperature, adding antifreeze can ensure its high boiling point, reduce the scale produced by the cooling system; If the air in the cooling system is not discharged or the coolant is not replenished in time, the cooling performance will be reduced and the temperature of the coolant will increase.

2. The water radiator is blocked.

For example, the heat sink of the water radiator falls in a large area, and there is sludge debris blockage between the heat sink, which will hinder the heat dissipation. Especially when the surface of the water radiator is stained with oil, the thermal conductivity of the sludge mixture formed by dust and oil is less than scale, which seriously hinders the heat dissipation effect. At this point, the radiator can be carefully moved back to its original position with thin steel plates to restore its straight shape, and then cleaned with compressed air or a water gun. For example, it is better to put water in a cleaning solution, heat it and spray it.

Analysis Of The Impact Of Operation Of Diesel Genertaors

3. Incorrect indication of water temperature meter or warning light.

Including water temperature sensor damage; False alarm caused by blacksmith or indicator failure. At this point, you can use a surface thermometer to measure the temperature of the water temperature sensor and observe whether the indication of the water temperature meter is consistent with the actual temperature.

4. The fan speed is too low, or the blades are deformed or installed backwards.

If the fan tape is too loose, the fan speed is low and the air supply effect is weakened. If the tape is too loose, it should be adjusted; If the rubber layer is aged or damaged, or the fiber layer is broken, it should be replaced. When the fan blades are deformed, you can compare the new blades with the same specifications to see whether the Angle between the blades and the rotation plane is smaller. Too small Angle, insufficient air supply strength.

5. The cooling water pump is faulty

The pump itself is damaged, the speed is too low, the scale in the pump body is too much, and the channel is narrow, which will reduce the coolant flow, reduce the heat dissipation performance, and increase the temperature of diesel engine oil.

6. The cylinder liner is damaged

If the gasket is burned by hot gas, high pressure gas rushes into the cooling system, causing the coolant to boil. The way to tell if the gasket is burnt out is to turn off the diesel engine, wait for a moment, and then restart the diesel engine to increase the speed. At this point, if a large number of bubbles can be seen from the water radiator filling mouth cover, and small water droplets in the exhaust pipe are discharged with the exhaust gas, it can be concluded that the cylinder gasket is damaged.


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