Wrong Operation Way Can Easily Lead To Diesel Generator Set Failure

Aug. 10, 2022

In recent years, the wide application of diesel generator sets needs no further introduction. With the widespread application of diesel generator sets, various industries have higher and higher requirements for power supply guarantee and the use and maintenance of diesel generator sets. As mentioned above, some of the problems with diesel generator set operation are caused by the operator's lack of in-depth understanding of the diesel generator. Dingbo Power will take you to understand the failure of diesel generator sets caused by several wrong operation methods.


1. Frequent start of diesel generators. In the diesel generator start-up test, some users usually start the next time immediately if the initial start is unsuccessful. The engine on the diesel generator actually works under the condition of high current and low voltage, which may damage the battery if used for a long time. In addition, the time interval for the continuous start of the engine shall not be less than 5 seconds. If the start is unsuccessful once, it should be started again after 15 seconds.

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2. Without preheating. The diesel generator set should not enter high speed or run with load immediately after starting. Especially in the cold season, it is necessary to pay more attention. After the diesel engine is started, it needs to run at an idle speed of 800-1000 rpm or a low-speed no-load operation for 3-5 minutes, and then it can run with load. If the diesel generator starts and works with load, the temperature of the diesel generator is low at this time, and the clearance of each part of the sleeve is relatively small. At the same time, after a long time of parking, the lubricant on each friction surface has been lost in large quantities, and the oil film has been seriously damaged. At this time, the diesel engine suddenly runs at a high speed, and the lubricant cannot be delivered to each friction surface in time, which aggravates the wear of the parts to a certain extent, and may cause abnormal damage to the diesel engine. For this reason, the relevant regulations point out that the diesel generator should be started and tested with no load once a week, and the running time should not be less than 5 minutes. When the ambient temperature is lower than 5℃, the diesel generator heater needs to be started.


3. Not cooling down before shutdown is a serious mistake. The operator immediately shuts down the diesel generator after completing the test or after completing the task of loading the diesel generator. The diesel generator cannot work with the load immediately after it is started. It is also not possible to stop immediately after working with load. This is especially important in the high temperature environment in summer. When the diesel generator stops after working with load, it should be kept at an idle speed of 800~1000 rpm or a low speed state after unloading the load. Work for 3 to 5 minutes, and stop when the temperature of the diesel generator decreases. Otherwise, due to the recuperation of the combustion temperature in the cylinder, failures such as pulling the cylinder are prone to occur.


4. Mixing different brands of engine oil with different manufacturers and brands of engine oil will result in different production methods of engine oil. Mixing two different brands of engine oil will often lead to precipitation and deterioration of the engine oil, which will have adverse effects on the diesel engine. It will cause equipment failure. When choosing oil, you should choose the appropriate brand of oil according to the local season and temperature, and pay attention to the oil quality grade and viscosity grade.


Wrong operation methods may bring about various uncertain failures, so users must be familiar with the structure and principle of diesel generator sets, and at the same time strengthen the training of correct operation, and do a good job in daily maintenance of the generator sets to ensure the excellent performance of the generator set. performance.


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