Performance Requirements for 250KW Diesel Generator

Dec. 19, 2021

The supporting generator set of Jinchengjiang District Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Hechi city is a diesel generator set with capacity rated power (common power) of 250KW and spare power of 300KW. The main assembly parts are required: the engine is made ofcummins, Volvo and Yuchai brand products of the same grade or above;  The generator is made of wuxi Stanford, Engle brand products of the same grade or above;  The range of self-starting cabinet brand selection is deep sea, Kaisun, zhongzhi equivalent grade or above brand products.  The scope of bidding includes the supply, installation, commissioning and acceptance of generator sets, taxes and other installation costs.  


At present, Dingbo power has a number of national invention patent, master the core technology of cloud platform management, research and development of the "top" cloud platform management system, improved the working efficiency of the diesel generator set and management makes the top diesel generating sets products in remote control, intelligent management comprehensive further ascension, make the unit more energy-saving, more smart!  And with good professional team cooperation, excellent learning ability, talent team has increasingly become the core competitive advantage of Dingbo Power ahead of peers, which lays a solid foundation for Dingbo Power to maintain a sustainable foundation, maintain good brand publicity and achieve steady growth of performance.


Design specification and standard of 250KW diesel generator set: comply with GB 28230-90 power frequency diesel generator set technical conditions and JGJ/T 16-92 civil building electrical design code, and GBJ 16-87 (2001 edition) building design fire code.  


Diesel engine performance requirements are as follows: the engine must be water-cooled, four-stroke, direct injection, natural or pressure air, and meet the requirements of BS5514.  The rated capacity of the engine shall meet the requirements of BS5514 for continuous operation and match the rated capacity of the generator for continuous operation.  The engine shall be fit to use BS2869 class A1 or A2 light diesel fuel.  The rated speed of the engine should not exceed 1500 RPM.  Mechanical overspeed trip mechanism shall be installed to cut off fuel supply when there is 15% overspeed.  The water level sensor should be installed in the engine water tank. The water level of the water tank is 25% lower than the normal water level. The engine will stop automatically and give sound and light alarm.  


Generator performance requirements: generator design and manufacture shall be carried out in accordance with relevant regulations.  The generator shall be of brushless type and excitation controlled by a solid state automatic voltage regulator as specified below.  The rating of the generator shall be suitable for local climatic conditions and shall be specially impregnated.  Rotor and stator shall have F class insulation.  The characteristics of the generator must be adapted to the torque characteristics of the engine so that the generator can make full use of the power of the generator without overloading at full load.  The generator should be able to withstand overspeed operation of 20% above synchronous speed.  The generator must be able to bear unbalanced loads in which the current of one phase is 60% greater than that of the other two phases.  The protection level of the generator must be greater than or equal to IP23.  The generator shall be able to withstand short circuit current at its output for several seconds without damage.  


Dingbo Electric Power was established in 2006 and has been going through trials and hardships for 15 years.  After years of project positioning, process optimization, mechanism establishment and construction of efficient and reasonable company management structure, and in the operation of constantly improve the organizational structure, improve the quality of talent team, in view of market changes, environmental changes pay attention to training coordination planning ability.  Over the past 15 years, Dingbo Electric Power has been committed to finding breakthroughs in scientific and technological innovation, centering on intelligent, energy-saving, digital, remote control, intelligent management and other directions, adhering to the road of scientific and technological innovation.  Finally, through the independent research and development of Dingbo cloud platform management system, master the core technology of remote control and intelligent management of diesel generator set, successfully create "intelligent diesel generator set", a unique diesel generator set industry.  

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