Difference Between Permanent Magnet And Excitation In Genset

Feb. 08, 2022

When we buy a generator, we often make a comparison, and one of them is about permanent magnet and excitation generator, there is a certain price difference between the two, and users will also want to know what is the difference between permanent magnet generator and excitation generator,why there is such a big difference?

The excitation generator should have an initial electromotive force to make the excitation coil produce a magnetic field when it is started, and the small electromotive force generated by the external power supply or permanent magnet can provide the initial, and after it works, it depends on its own output voltage.The permanent magnet is very simple and the magnetic field is provided by a permanent magnet.The difference between the two is that the excitation generator can change the excitation coil current to change the magnetic field, and the magnetic field intensity can be large and controllable, compared with the permanent magnet generator is not easy to appear magnetic saturation phenomenon. As to whether the motor can drive the problem depends on the type and power of the generator and the motor, for example, the output AC of the generator can only drive the AC motor with the power matching or smaller power.Generator permanent magnet ,a permanent magnet provides a magnetic field, and an exciting coil provides a magnetic field. The permanent magnet motor itself can provide enough magnetic field without consuming energy, but the excitation motor needs to convert external energy into magnetic field through the excitation coil to provide enough magnetic field, so the efficiency is relatively low. And the efficiency of permanent magnet motor can reach more than 90%. The excitation motor also has its advantages, that is,the production cost is relatively low, the process is simpler than permanent magnet motor, so in the ordinary market, the excitation motor

is now widely used.

Difference Between Permanent Magnet And Excitation In Genset

The main functions of the excitation system are:

1)Adjust the excitation current according to the change of generator load,and maintain the terminal voltage as a given value;

2) Control reactive power distribution among generators in parallel operation;

3) Improve the static stability of parallel operation of generators;

4) Improve the transient stability of parallel operation of generators;

5) In case of internal failure of the generator, magnetization should be removed to reduce the degree of failure loss;

6) Implement maximum and minimum excitation limits for generators according to operation requirements.


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