Fire Protection Requirements for Diesel Generator Sets

Sep. 09, 2021

This article is mainly about the fire protection requirements of diesel generator set. Hope it it helpful to you when you use diesel generating sets


General provisions


The fuel of diesel generator can be used in civil air defense engineering after taking corresponding fire prevention measures and setting automatic fire alarm system and automatic fire extinguishing device. The oil storage capacity of the oil storage room shall not be greater than 1.00m3 in the fuel oil room and not greater than 8h in the diesel generator room. Its provisions refer to the usual oil storage capacity; In wartime, the oil storage capacity shall be determined according to wartime regulations and shall not be limited by peacetime regulations.


The equipment room using fuel oil has a certain fire risk, so it is necessary to divide the fire compartment independently.


The diesel generator room and the power station control room belong to two different fire compartments, so the closed observation window shall meet the performance of class a fire window and meet the sealing requirements of civil air defense engineering.

 Fire Protection Requirements for Diesel Generator Sets

The connecting door at the connecting passage between the diesel generator room and the control room of the power station is used for separation between different fire compartments. In addition to the closed door required for protection, a class a fire door needs to be set. If the closed door is used instead, one of the closed doors shall meet the performance of class a fire door, because the door is only used by operators, Be familiar with the opening and closing of the door, so the closed door with fire prevention function can be used; A class a fire door can also be added.


The diesel generator room arranged in civil buildings shall comply with the following provisions:

1. It should be arranged on the first floor or the first and second floors underground.


 2.It shall not be arranged on the upper, lower or adjacent floor of densely populated places.


 3.Fire partition wall with fire resistance of not less than 2.00h and non combustible floor of 1.50h shall be used to separate from other parts, and class a fire door shall be used as the door.


 4. When the oil storage room is set in the machine room, its total storage capacity shall not be greater than 1m3. The oil storage room shall be separated from the generator room by a fire partition with a fire resistance limit of not less than 3.00h; If it is necessary to open the door on the fire partition wall, class a fire door shall be set.

5. Fire alarm device shall be set.


6. Fire extinguishing facilities suitable for diesel generator capacity and building scale shall be set. When automatic sprinkler system is set in other parts of the building, automatic sprinkler system shall be set in the machine room.


For class C liquid fuel used in the building, its storage tank shall be arranged outside the building and shall comply with the following requirements:


1. When the total capacity is not more than 15m3, and the external wall of the building directly buried near the building and within 4.0m of the side facing the oil tank is a firewall, the fire separation between the storage tank and the building is unlimited;


2.When the total capacity is greater than 15m3, the layout of storage tanks shall comply with the provisions of section 4.2 of this specification;


3. When setting the intermediate tank, the capacity of the intermediate tank shall not be greater than 1m3, and shall be set in a separate room with class I and II fire resistance rating, and the room door shall adopt class a fire door.

The fuel supply pipeline of diesel genset in the building shall meet the following requirements:

1. Automatic and manual shut-off valves shall be set on the pipes before entering the building and in the equipment room;


2. The oil tank in the oil storage room shall be sealed and provided with a vent pipe leading to the outside. The vent pipe shall be provided with a breathing valve with a flame arrester, and the lower part of the oil tank shall be provided with facilities to prevent the dispersion of oil products.

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