What Issues Users Should Pay Attention to When Purchasing Diesel Generator Sets

Sep. 09, 2021

When purchasing a diesel generator set, many users may subconsciously only care about the quotation of the generator. In fact, the price is only one of the things to pay attention to when buying a generator set. If you want to buy a diesel generator set with high cost performance, Dingbo Power recommends users In addition to paying attention to the power, purpose, fuel consumption and after-sales conditions of the unit, the following issues should also be paid attention to.

What Issues  Users Should Pay Attention to When Purchasing Diesel Generator Sets


1. The power of the unit

For users who buy a diesel generator set for the first time, choosing a suitable power is a very important task. Too small power will not be able to meet the electricity demand, and too large power will cause cost waste. If you are not sure what you need How powerful the unit is, then it is recommended that you explain the purpose of purchasing the diesel generator set to the manufacturer in detail, and the generator manufacturer can recommend a unit of suitable power for you according to your purpose.


2. Purpose of the unit

Diesel generator sets are not simply used to generate electricity, because diesel generator sets can be divided into common generator sets and standby generator sets according to their purposes. Users should choose which type of generator sets they need based on the actual situation. The configuration price is different. The commonly used diesel generator sets have to run for a long time, so the quality of the generators used should be more durable, and the price is much higher. On the contrary, the standby diesel generator sets are mainly It is for emergency use, and the generator set can be selected from a common model with a lower price.


3. The fuel consumption of the unit

After determining the power of the diesel generator set according to the purpose, another issue that the user has to consider is the fuel consumption of the generator set. Fuel consumption is not only related to the performance of the diesel generator set, but also related to the user’s economic cost input. It is necessary to communicate and compare with the manufacturer to understand the fuel consumption of each brand and model, and choose a diesel generator set with low fuel consumption and good performance.


4. After-sales service of the unit

Without a sound after-sales service system, no matter how good the product is, no choice is possible. Therefore, before purchasing diesel generator sets, users must first choose a reliable generator manufacturer. Dingbo Power is a company that integrates the design and supply of diesel generator sets. A diesel generator set manufacturer integrating debugging and maintenance, with 15 years of generator set production and sales experience, a complete quality management system, and a sound after-sales service guarantee, users can rest assured to choose! If you plan to purchase a set of diesel generator or have any technical problem, Please contact Dingbo Power directly by dingbo@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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