How Spare Parts of 1000kva Generator Set Are Damaged

Oct. 31, 2022

The auxiliary equipment of 1000kVA diesel generator set is relatively simple, with less auxiliary equipment, small size and light weight. It is an excellent solution for standby power supply. However, some spare parts are vulnerable parts that are easy to be damaged. Users need to prepare more in advance for emergencies. Do you know how they are damaged for different accessories?

1. The accessories of 1000kVA generator set are deformed. When the diesel generator set is applied, due to the force itself, it will cause deformation of some accessories. In particular, some basic components, such as the cylinder block and cylinder head, will lead to a serious reduction in the service life of the diesel generator set when deformed, so these basic components can be replaced in advance.

2. Mechanical wear between 1000kVA diesel generator set accessories. During the use of diesel generator set, some parts will have friction, which will cause damage to the surface of parts. Such wear phenomenon will eventually cause the function of the diesel generator set to decline, even damage. Therefore, regular inspection or replacement is required.

How Spare Parts of 1000kva Generator Set Are Damaged

3. Damage caused by metal fatigue of diesel generator parts. It is well known that the principle of metal fatigue. When parts are subjected to repeated force or energy load cycle, metal fatigue and even fracture will naturally occur on the diesel generator set.

In order to ensure that the diesel generator set can maintain normal operation for a long time, Dingbo Power suggests that users should prepare as many easily damaged accessories as possible under conditions, such as:

1. The four matching diesel engines: cylinder liner, piston, piston ring and piston pin. Any problem in any part of the four matching diesel engines is fatal. If it is not handled in time, it may be sent to overhaul, which is not cost-effective.

2. Bearing pads, connecting rods

3. Thefuel injection nozzle of the high-pressure fuel pump is prone to problems, which will lead to insufficient incineration, mainly due to the unclean fuel.

4. Air filter and mechanical filter shall be replaced frequently on dusty construction site for a long time, otherwise it will lead to poor combustion and easy carbon deposition in the cylinder.

5. If the water tank is directly used with a tap for a long time, the heat dissipation will be poor, the machine will simply alarm, and it is easy to freeze in winter if it is not released.

In order to delay the damage of the unit accessories, Dingbo Power suggests that users must pay attention to the daily maintenance of the unit, and at the same time, regular maintenance should be carried out to improve the service life of the diesel generator set as a whole and reduce the operating costs.

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