How to Choose Correctly the Air Guide Hood and Fan of Diesel Generator Set

Jul. 14, 2021

Diesel generator set is a kind of equipment which uses diesel as fuel and converts chemical energy into mechanical energy. It is a kind of power machinery which uses diesel engine as prime mover to drive generator to generate electricity.In the working process of diesel generator set, diesel combustion will emit a lot of heat, which will increase the internal temperature of the engine. Because the diesel generator set itself has a protective device, when the temperature reaches a certain value, the diesel generator set will stop working.In the prior art, a fan is set on one side of the engine block for air cooling, and the upper cover of the fan is equipped with a wind guide cover. Do you know how to correctly select the wind guide cover and fan of the diesel generator set? Generator manufacturers - Dingbo Power take you to know.

Selection of air guide hood for diesel generator set.


1. There are three kinds of common air deflectors: box type, ring type and throat type


2. The air guide cover and radiator must be sealed.


3. The clearance between the fan tip and the air guide cover is generally 1.5 ~ 2.5% of the fan diameter;


4. The position of the fan in the hood: suction, in 2 / 3, exhaust, in 1 / 3.


Selection of fan for diesel generator set.

How to Choose Correctly the Air Guide Hood and Fan of Diesel Generator Set


1. Suction fan and exhaust fan: for the equipment with high walking speed, when the engine is installed in the front of the equipment, the suction fan can make good use of the frontal wind to enhance the cooling effect; When the engine is installed at the rear end, the exhaust fan is generally selected. For equipment with low walking speed, you can choose suction fan or exhaust fan.Generally speaking, the efficiency of the suction fan is significantly higher than that of the exhaust fan because it uses the air cooling water tank with lower temperature.


2. Fan speed and diameter: when the power consumption is the same, the cooling effect and noise of low speed and large fan are better than that of high speed and small fans. In addition, when selecting the fan, it is necessary to pay attention to that the blade tip speed of the fan should not exceed 4200-5000m / min.


3. The distance between the fan and the radiator core: more than 2 inches for suction and more than 4 inches for exhaust.


4. Distance between fan and engine: if the fan support bending moment (7Nm) permits, it should be as far as possible, but the thickness of fan cushion block is generally not allowed to exceed 3 inches.


5. When installing the fan, it is forbidden to use the elastic release washer to prevent the fan flange from being damaged due to the concentrated stress.


The above is the correct way to choose the wind deflector and fan of power generator  arranged by Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. I hope it can help you. Dingbo Power is a professional generator manufacturer integrating the design, supply, commissioning and maintenance of diesel generator set. Over the years, it has established close cooperation with Yuchai, Shangchai and other companies, If you need to buy generator set, welcome to contact by email

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