Introduction of Four Lubrication Methods for Diesel Generator Set

Jul. 14, 2021

The main function of lubricating oil for diesel generator set is to reduce friction and wear by providing lasting protective oil film between the moving parts of diesel engine. At the same time, it can prevent corrosion on the surface of various parts of the generator, and it has a very important cooling effect on many parts of the unit. This article introduces four lubrication methods of diesel generator set for you.


1. Pressure lubrication.


Pressure lubrication can also be called splash lubrication or exciting splash lubrication. Generally, this method is adopted for small bore single cylinder diesel generator. It uses a special oil scoop fixed on the big end cover of connecting rod to extend under the oil pan in each rotation and splash the oil to lubricate the friction surfaces of the engine. Its advantages are simple structure, low power consumption and low cost. The disadvantages are that the lubrication is not reliable enough, the engine oil is easy to bubble, and the consumption is large.


2. Pressure circulation lubrication.


The pressure circulation lubrication is different from the pressure lubrication. The pressure circulation lubrication uses the lubricating oil pump to continuously deliver the lubricating oil to the friction surface under a certain pressure, which can ensure sufficient oil supply and good lubrication, and has the functions of cleaning and strong cooling, so it works reliably. In modern diesel generator, all the parts bearing heavy load, including main bearing, connecting rod bearing and camshaft bearing, are lubricated by pressure cycle.


3. Oiling lubrication.

Introduction of Four Lubrication Methods for Diesel Generator Set

In large diesel generator set, diaphragm and piston rod ballast box are installed to separate cylinder from crankcase. Therefore, the lubrication of cylinder liner and piston group can not rely on the splash of lubricating oil in crankcase, but must use mechanical oiler to supply lubricating oil to many oil holes or oil grooves around cylinder liner through oil pipe for lubrication.Most of the lubricators are high-pressure plunger pumps with pressure up to 2MPa. They can supply a certain amount of lubricating oil regularly. This kind of lubricating method can be separated from the lubricating system of diesel generator, and the high-quality cylinder lubricating oil can be used alone. Some high-power medium speed diesel generators are also equipped with mechanical lubricators to supplement splash lubrication.


4. Compound lubrication.


Most modern multi cylinder diesel generators adopt the compound lubrication mode, which is mainly pressure circulation lubrication, supplemented by splash lubrication and oil mist lubrication. The compound lubrication mode is reliable and can simplify the structure of the whole lubrication system.


For the diesel generator set, daily lubrication and maintenance is very important. Due to the different working conditions of the moving parts of the diesel generator set, the required lubrication methods and strength are also different. The specific lubrication methods are as mentioned above. Customers should form a good habit of regular lubrication for the engine set, so that the unit can obtain good lubrication effect.


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