How to Deal with the Operating Noise of Diesel Generator

Dec. 16, 2021

How to reduce the diesel generator operating noise?  Dingbo power senior maintenance master answered: this can be through the installation of silencer, shockproof, the diesel generator set with silent cabinet or added noise reduction and noise elimination materials to solve, can largely alleviate the diesel generator set operating noise problem. Here the Dingbo power provides five kinds of noise reduction schemes, then it is necessary to think about the internal planning of the generator set sound box, which includes reasonable air inlet and exhaust duct planning, regular oil and the selection of the right fan.  


How does a static speaker help reduce noise in a diesel generator set?


There are several ways to reduce generator noise:  

1. Generator placement: a key method to reduce the impact of generator noise is to cleverly place the generator. The farther away the generator is from those affected by its noise (employees, customers, etc.), the less noise it will make. Choosing a generator room in a remote but accessible location will significantly reduce noise levels. Similarly, rooftop generators further away from operation will be less noticeable.  


2. Sound deflector: the more sound barrier, the sound wave reflected sound wave deflection. Examples of sound barriers include walls, screens, and still speakers.  

Sound insulation: It is a fairly easy step to take sound insulation measures in a generator room or other room where you want to prevent generator noise. Insulation helps absorb sounds and prevents them from traveling to places where you need to be quiet.  Sound insulation was considered when designing the generator room for maximum efficiency.  Or equipped with sound box, dingbo series silent generator box adopts the whole closed structure, strong sealing, to ensure sufficient strength, can be divided into three parts: main body, air inlet chamber, exhaust chamber.  


The door of the box adopts double anti-sound door design, the inside of the box carries on the noise-reducing processing, the noise-reducing and noise-reducing materials choose to use harmless environmental protection and flame retardant materials for a long time, the whole wall noise reduction and noise reduction, and the noise reduction material surface is covered with flame retardant cloth, the inner wall of the box is plated with plastic or paint metal plate; After the box is treated, the noise at 1m of the box is 75dB when the unit is working normally.  

 Cummins Diesel Generator

Silent type diesel generator  

Vibration proof bracket: do not install the generator on the floor, but choose the vibration proof bracket to help absorb vibration and minimize the transmission of vibration noise from the generator through the ground.  To minimize motor noise, you need to use sound insulation and damping materials on the engine block.  The screws usually already have rubber gaskets attached to reduce noise, but you can double that by adding another rubber gasket and longer bolts.  If you look around the frame of the engine, you will see where the screws are fixed.  Install rubber gaskets here to reduce vibration and noise.  

Mufflers: Mufflers, also known as sound attenuators, are designed to reduce the amount of sound produced by different types of devices.  Silencers can be installed in the intake or exhaust areas of the generator. They help to minimize sound output.  

Soundproofing your diesel generator and taking steps to prevent sound transmission are good ways to reduce noise from your diesel generator.  By adopting one or more of the noise reduction methods listed above, your diesel generator will not be affected by noisy noise for long!  


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