How to Maintain battery to Avoid Diesel Generator Set Failure

Nov. 29, 2021

In many applications, more than half of all diesel generator failures begin with battery defects.  Mastering battery maintenance and dismantling is not only important for the safe and reliable operation of the unit;  It can also reduce the number of appointments for emergency services to repair your system.  


Ensure the use of accurate calibration and grounding line voltmeter to detect battery voltage.  You should also carefully review current and previous load test results to determine whether the battery is operating within the acceptable range or is on a downward trend.  Keep in mind that if the voltage drops below 11.5Vdc and cannot be recovered when the battery is loaded, your battery is damaged and must be replaced.  


How to Maintain battery to Avoid Diesel Generator Set Failure



Please ensure that the battery is not easy to overcharge.  If the battery is charged too much, it is likely to cause long-term effective and irreversible damage to the battery, which must be removed and replaced in time to protect the generator from damage.  


Measure the battery voltage at least once a week.  For the wet battery must also irregularly check the battery water, whether between the lowest and highest scale line, otherwise it is necessary to adjust, so as not to produce insufficient charging battery or charging liquid overflow.  Such as peacetime improper maintenance of the battery internal water, acid component loss has not been timely supplement, easy to reduce the battery capacity to reduce the service life.  


While it may be tempting to buy cheap batteries for a few dollars less, we strongly urge you to buy high-quality components for your generator system.  The best batteries wear out over time.  Most generator batteries will provide two to three years of reliable performance.  Of course, this depends on the operating environment, operating time, the age of the generator, and any outstandinggenerator system maintenance issues.  

 How to Maintain battery to Avoid Diesel Generator Set Failure

The Dingbo Cloud service Management system can also track fuel levels, keep a close eye on operating temperatures, and monitor other critical factors.  All of this comes together so that you can adjust maintenance plans, generate reports, maintain regulatory compliance, and schedule scheduled services before emergency generator service is required.  


If you do not know which diesel generator manufacturer is good, then Dingbo power will not let you down!  Dingbo powerbelieves that the selection of high premium imported brands, it is better to use the money saved to buy a cost-effective domestic diesel generator set, can bring you better performance!  


Today, after more than ten years to grow, the top power into a set of diesel generator design, supply, debugging and maintenance in the integration of diesel generator brand OEM manufacturer in China, and established a modern production base, has formed a professional r&d team, and research and development of the advanced manufacturing technology, at the same time established a perfect quality management system and perfect after-sales service guarantee,  According to customer demand, we can customize 30KW-3000KW diesel generator set with various specifications, such as general type, automation, four protection, automatic switching and three remote monitoring, low noise and mobile, automatic grid-connected system and other special power requirements.  


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