Land Use Generator and Marine Generator

Aug. 12, 2022

What are the differences between land use generator and marine generator?

The biggest difference between the land diesel generator set and the marine diesel generator set is the use location. The marine generator set is used on ships, such as ships, bulk carriers, cruise ships, engineering ships, yachts, etc. Land based generator sets are used on non ships, such as shopping malls, hospitals, mines, railways, etc.


The testing requirements are different. There are no national mandatory regulations for land use diesel generators, and the quality can be said to be a mixture of good and bad. However, the requirements for ship machinery are relatively strict. Before use, it must be inspected by CCS China Classification Society or other foreign classification societies before it can be used on board. It requires different international classification societies.

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The generator set configuration is different. Configuration of land diesel generator set: control panel, battery, chassis oil tank, radiator etc; Configuration of marine generator set: remote instrument, parallel device, double-layer high-pressure oil pipe, etc. At present, the requirements of ship inspection are more and more strict.


The heat dissipation mode of the unit is different. The land diesel generator set is generally fan-cooled, and the marine generator set is generally sea fresh water pump heat exchanger. However, the heat dissipation mode of the on-board emergency generator is the same as that of the onshore generator.


5. The manufacturer qualification is different. Those that can produce marine generators can produce land-based diesel generator sets, but most of the manufacturers that can produce land-based units cannot produce marine generators. Any manufacturer must be approved by the classification society before it can produce marine generators.


Marine generator are affected by multiple environmental climates, so that diesel generators and radiators must meet marine regulations, otherwise it will cause safety hazards and problems. So how to distinguish between land-use generators and marine generators?


Marine generators are composed of main and auxiliary engines. In most cases, multiple engines are required to be connected in parallel. Land generators are relatively simple, and their use conditions are different. Marine generators are used in rivers or oceans, so they are waterproof, moisture-proof, and waterproof. There are compulsory requirements for the ability of salt-alkali, impact resistance, and anti-turbulence.There are four environmental factors are considered during the manufacture of marine diesel generators and radiators:


1. Moisture damages the generator and other accessories, especially rust, and radiator core needs to be anti-corrosion.


2. The turbulence of the ship has a great influence on the overall performance of the generator, especially the structure of the radiator.


3. The salt-alkali corrosion in the marine environment,because the seawater is alkaline, so it will severely corrodes the generator and radiator core .


4. Inconvenience in maintenance because use location.


5. Land generators and radiators will not be designed from the above four aspects, while marine generators must take the above factors into consideration and must choose anti-corrosion radiator, otherwise the generator will cause corrosion and perforation, and cannot be repaired and replaced.It also expressly stipulates that marine generators and components must have a three-inspection certificate, and only qualified generators can be used on ships. The above requirements are also applicable to island generators in similar environments.

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