New Type Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger of Diesel Generators

Aug. 12, 2022

As the key part of the cooling system of the diesel generator set, the radiator has an important impact on the working performance and emission effect of the engine. As environmental protection has increasingly become a concern of the public, the requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction of diesel generator sets have become increasingly strict, and the structural optimization of radiators will also become a research hotspot. In this article, Dingbo power introduces the performance characteristics of the new shell and tube heat exchanger of diesel generator sets.

New Type Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger of Diesel Generators

Shell-and-tube heat exchangers are composed of shells, heat transfer tube bundles, tube sheets, baffles (baffles) and tube boxes. The shell is mostly cylindrical, with tube bundles installed inside, and both ends of the tube bundles are fixed on the tube sheet. Two fluids, hot and cold, for heat exchange, one flows inside the tube, called the tube side fluid; the other flows outside the tube, called the shell side fluid. In order to improve the heat transfer coefficient of the fluid outside the tube, several baffles are usually installed in the shell. The baffle can increase the velocity of the fluid on the shell side, forcing the fluid to pass through the tube bundle several times laterally according to the prescribed path, and enhance the degree of fluid turbulence. The heat exchange tubes can be arranged in equilateral triangles or squares on the tube sheet. The equilateral triangle arrangement is compact, the fluid outside the tube has a high degree of turbulence, and the heat transfer coefficient is large; the square arrangement is convenient for cleaning outside the tube, and is suitable for fluids that are prone to scaling.

Performance of shell and tube heat exchanger of diesel generator

1. High efficiency and energy saving. The heat transfer coefficient of the heat exchanger is 6000-8000W / m2.0c.

2. Compact structure, small floor area, light weight and convenient installation.

3. The design is flexible, the specifications are complete, the practical pertinence is strong, and the fund is saved.

4. Wide application conditions, suitable for large pressure, temperature range and heat exchange of various media.

Shell and tube heat exchanger defect

1. The shell side cannot realize equipment cleaning.

2. When the temperature difference between the heat exchange pipe and the shell is very large (more than 50 ℃), it will cause temperature difference and ground stress. The solution is to set a compensator on the shell, so the working pressure of the shell side cannot be too high limited by the compressive strength of the compensator.

3. It is only applicable to workplaces where liquid cleaning is not easy to accumulate scale, and the temperature difference between the two liquids is not large or the temperature difference is large but the working pressure of the shell side is low.

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