Treatment Ways For Oil Leakage In Different Parts Of Cummins 800kVA Generator

Aug. 11, 2022

Diesel generator oil leakage is a relatively common fault phenomenon. Oil leakage will not only reduce the power generation efficiency of diesel generator sets, but also increase unnecessary fuel consumption and increase the operating cost of the unit. Generally speaking, the fuel injectors of diesel generator sets, oil pipelines, valve cover and other parts are all parts that may cause oil leakage. Oil leakage in different parts requires different treatment methods. Let's learn about it with Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.


Fuel injector return: The fuel injector is a precision component. If you use unclean diesel or the equipment is used for a long time, the fuel will return due to the wear of the injector. However, the cost of replacing the fuel injector is high. In order to avoid the leakage of the return oil, the oil can be led back to the fuel tank through the fuel return pipe, or a diesel filter can be introduced. If the oil return pipe is damaged, use a piece of plastic pipe to introduce the oil into a self-contained container, filter it and then pour it back into the oil tank.

 Treatment Ways For Oil Leakage In Different Parts Of Cummins 800kVA Generator

Oil leakage in the oil delivery part: It can be handled appropriately according to the situation: the washer of the hollow screw of the oil pipeline is not flat, you can remove the washer, grind it flat and then put it on, if the problem cannot be solved, you can replace it with a new washer, or use a thicker soft plastic material cut it into a washer and replace it; the oil leakage between the plastic oil pipe and the metal joint is mostly caused by the hardening or rupture of the plastic oil pipe. Cut off the hardened and broken parts, then scald with hot water to soften, install it on the metal joint while it is still hot, and then use metal The wire is tightly bound; if the metal oil pipeline breaks and leaks oil, the rupture can be welded by brazing. In addition, in order to prevent the oil pipeline from breaking, when installing the oil pipeline, the camber should be appropriate, do not force the installation, and the pipe body should not be in contact with the fuselage to avoid wear and tear.


Oil leakage in valve cover: When the valve cover is installed, if the tightening force is too large, it is easy to deform and leak oil. At this time, the valve cover of the oil leakage can be removed, and the valve cover can be carefully pounded with a wooden stick to make the contact surface flat. Then, put the gasket on it and install it.


The problem of oil leakage of Cummins 800kVA generator should not be underestimated. Once found, it should be dealt with immediately, otherwise it will not only increase the operating cost, but also may cause serious safety accidents.

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