Normal Stop and Emergency Stop of Diesel Generators

Aug. 10, 2022

The start of diesel generator set is the most basic and important operation. Generally speaking, the shutdown of diesel generator set is divided into normal shutdown and emergency shutdown when encountering other abnormal conditions. For different phenomena, users should judge in time. When emergency shutdowns are required, and understand the normal operating procedures for each shutdown.


Normal shutdown of diesel generator set

1. Before stopping, first gradually unload the load, disconnect the load switch, then adjust the control handle of the governor, gradually reduce the speed to about 750r/min, and then turn the parking handle to stop after running for 3~5 minutes. Try not to stop the diesel engine quickly under full load to prevent accidents such as overheating.

2. For a 12-cylinder V-shaped diesel engine, turn the electric key from left to middle position after parking to prevent battery current from flowing backwards. When running in a cold area and it is necessary to stop, immediately open the drain valve of the fresh water pump on the side of the body, the oil cooler (or cooling water pipe) and the radiator, etc., and drain the cooling water to prevent freeze cracking. If antifreeze coolant is used, it is not necessary to open the drain valve.

3. For diesel generators that need to be stored for a long time, at the last stop, the original oil should be drained, replaced with sealed oil, and then run for about 2 minutes for storage. If antifreeze coolant is used, it should also be released. . The fuel switch may not be turned off during short-term parking to prevent air from entering the fuel system.

 Emergency Diesel Generators

Emergency stop of diesel generator set

In emergency or special circumstances, emergency stop can be taken to avoid serious accident of diesel engine. At this time, turn the emergency stop handle in the direction to achieve the purpose. When one of the following situations occurs in the generator set, it must be shut down urgently:

1) The temperature of the cooling water exceeds 99°C;

2) There is a sharp knocking sound in the generator set, or parts are damaged;

3) The moving parts such as the cylinder, piston, governor, etc. are stuck;

4) The generator voltage exceeds the maximum reading on the meter;

5) In the event of fire or electric leakage and other natural hazards.


The above is the relevant introduction about the normal shutdown and emergency shutdown of diesel generator sets. Here, Dingbo Power will solemnly remind you that if you cannot always pay attention to abnormal fault conditions, it is recommended to use it with the four-protection system or ATS control cabinet. Your property safety or operational safety is a more secure solution. Dingbo Power diesel generator is with four-protection system, and ATS control cabinet is optional. If you have this kind of demand, welcome to contact us by email

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