Possible Problems of 250kW Generator When Using Filter Element

May. 16, 2022

1. The electronic control system of 250KW generator filter element generally has fault self diagnosis function. When a fault occurs in the electronic control system, the fault self diagnosis system will immediately detect the fault and give an alarm or prompt to the operator by monitoring the engine and other warning lights. At the same time, the fault information is stored in the form of code. For some faults, before checking the fault self diagnosis system, read the fault code according to the method provided by the manufacturer, and check and eliminate the fault position indicated by the code. After the fault indicated by the fault code is eliminated, if the engine fault phenomenon has not been eliminated, or there is no fault code output at the beginning, check the possible fault parts of the engine.

2. Conduct fault analysis on the fault phenomenon of 250KW generator, and then conduct fault inspection on the basis of understanding the possible fault causes. In this way, the blindness of fault inspection can be avoided. It will not make invalid inspection on the parts unrelated to the fault phenomenon, but also avoid missing inspection on some relevant parts and failure to eliminate the fault quickly.

3. When the filter element of 250KW generator fails, check the possible fault parts outside the electronic control system first.

Possible Problems of 250kW Generator When Using Filter Element

4. Simplify first and then complex. Check the possible faulty parts in a simple way. For example, visual inspection is the simplest. You can use visual inspection methods such as seeing, touching and listening to quickly find out some obvious faults. When no fault is found through visual inspection and it needs to be checked with the help of instruments or other special tools, the easier ones should also be checked first.

5. Due to the structure and service environment of the filter element of diesel generator set, the failure of some assemblies or components may be the most common. Check these common fault parts first. If no fault is found, check other unusual possible fault parts. This can often quickly find the fault, saving time and effort.

6. First check the performance of some components of the standby electronic control system and whether the electrical circuit is normal or not, which is often judged by its voltage or resistance value and other parameters. Without these data, the fault detection and judgment of the system will be very difficult, and the method of replacing new parts can only be adopted. Sometimes these methods will lead to a sharp increase in maintenance costs and time-consuming. The so-called standby before use means that the relevant maintenance data of the maintenance unit shall be prepared when the maintenance of the unit is carried out. In addition to the maintenance data, another effective way is to use the fault-free unit to measure the relevant parameters of its system and record them as the detection and comparison parameters of the same type of unit for maintenance in the future. If we pay attention to this work at ordinary times, it will bring convenience to the system fault inspection.


How to maintain 250kw generator?

1. Check the four leakage phenomenon, surface, starting battery, oil and fuel of 250KW generator.

2. Carry out no-load test every month, and the no-load time shall not exceed 5 minutes.

3. Conduct full load test run of the unit every quarter, and conduct power mutation test.

4.Replace the three filters according to the operation time of the unit instead of regularly.

5.Clean and improve the environment of the machine room, and replace the three filters regularly.

6.After the unit is replaced with accessories, overhauled or replaced with three filters, it must be judged by full load test run.


How to better know the performance of 250kw generator?

1. Through full load test run, correct the nominal power of the unit and know the actual situation of the unit at any time, so that customers can know well when using and operating the unit and use electricity safely.

2. Through full load test run, various performance indexes of the unit are obtained to judge the real reason for the decline of unit performance, so as to provide a scientific basis for whether to replace the three filters and reduce the maintenance cost.

3. Through full load test run, we can judge whether the expected purpose can be achieved after overhaul.

4. Through the full load test, the long-time full load test can effectively remove the carbon deposit, prolong the overhaul time of the unit and save the cost.

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