Precautions For The Use Of Diesel Generator Radiator Fan Belt

Apr. 24, 2022

When diesel generator set is working, the heat generated by high temperature gas and friction will increase the temperature of the cylinder, cylinder head, piston and valve and other components. If proper cooling measures are not taken, the normal operation of the unit will be greatly affected. Depending on the cooling medium, the cooling system of diesel generator sets can be divided into two types: water-cooled and air-cooled. At present, most diesel generators use a water-cooled cooling system, and the fan is an important part of the water-cooled cooling system. Keeping the normal tightness of the fan belt is an important prerequisite to ensure the normal operation of the cooling system of the diesel generator set.


The fan belt is an important part of the water-cooled diesel generator set. If the belt slips due to improper use and maintenance, it will easily cause early wear and damage, etc., which not only increases the replacement cost, but also takes time and effort. Therefore, the correct use and maintenance of generator fan belt is particularly important. Belt slippage has three adverse effects:


1) The speed of the diesel generator is not enough, the power generation is reduced, and the generator cannot work effectively.


2) At the same time, because the generator and water pump share a set of belts coaxially, the pump speed will not be enough, resulting in insufficient supply of circulating cooling water for the diesel engine. The fan speed is too low, which will weaken the heat dissipation of the water tank and increase the working temperature of the diesel generator set.


3) Increase the wear of the belt, and in severe cases, the belt will be ablated in a short time.

 Precautions For The Use Of Diesel Generator Radiator Fan Belt

Causes of belt slippage

It is extremely important for diesel generator sets to maintain a reasonable tension of the belt. There are two main reasons for insufficient belt tension:


1) The initial installation tension of the belt is insufficient.


2) The belt is deformed during use, and the length becomes longer.


Check and adjust the tightness of the belt


When the diesel generator set is working, the rubber belt should maintain a certain degree of tension. Under normal circumstances, add a pressure of 29~49N (3~5kgf) to the middle of the belt, and the belt should be able to press the distance of 10~20mm. Generally, the tension of the belt of 4 and 6-cylinder in-line basic diesel generators can be adjusted by changing the position of the charging generator bracket. If it does not meet the requirements, loosen the fixing screw on the charging generator bracket and move the generator outward. The belt becomes tight, and vice versa. Adjust it well, tighten the fixing screw, and check it again. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be readjusted until it is completely qualified.


For the 12-cylinder V-type diesel generator, the tension of the fan belt is adjusted by using the adjusting screw on the fan frame to change the position of the fan shaft on the seat frame.


Correct use and maintenance of the belt is beneficial to prolong the service life of the belt. When the belt is peeled off and delaminated and the specified tension cannot be reached due to excessive elongation, a new fan belt should be replaced immediately.

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