Specific Factors Causing High Water Temperature of Silent Generator

Dec. 07, 2021

The radiating fins of the water radiator of silent diesel generator set fall down in a large area, and there are oil sludge and sundries between the radiating fins, which will prevent the dissipation of heat. Especially when the surface of the water radiator is stained with oil, the thermal conductivity of the oil sludge mixture formed by dust and oil is smaller than that of scale, which seriously hinders the heat dissipation effect. Including water temperature sensor failure; False alarm is caused by line iron striking or indicator failure. At this time, the surface thermometer can be used to measure the temperature at the water temperature probe, and observe whether the indication of the water temperature gauge is consistent with the actual temperature.

If the fan tape of silent diesel generators is too loose, it will slip, resulting in low fan speed and weakening air supply effect. If the tape is found to be too loose, it shall be adjusted. If the rubber layer is aging, faulty or the fiber layer is broken, it shall be replaced.

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The failure of the water pump of the diesel generator set, low speed, excessive scale deposition in the pump body and narrow channel will reduce the cooling water flow, reduce the heat dissipation performance and increase the oil temperature of the diesel generator set.

The method to check whether the thermostat is good or bad is. Remove the thermostat, suspend it in a container with warm water, place a thermometer in the water, heat it from the bottom of the container, and observe the water temperature when the thermostat valve starts to open and fully open. If the above requirements are not met or there is an obvious fault, replace the thermostat immediately.

The method to predict whether the cylinder gasket of Cummins generator set is burned is; Turn off the diesel generator, wait a moment, then restart the diesel generator and increase the speed. If a large number of bubbles can be seen on the filler cap of the water radiator at this time, and small water droplets in the exhaust pipe are discharged with the exhaust gas, it can be concluded that the cylinder gasket is damaged.

The fuel injector of diesel generating sets does not work well. Premature or delayed oil supply advance angle can increase the contact area between high-temperature gas and cylinder wall during combustion, increase the time, increase the heat transmitted to the coolant, and increase the temperature of the coolant. At this time, it will be accompanied by the current situation of weak power of diesel generator and increased fuel consumption. If the fuel injection pressure of the fuel injection nozzle decreases and the spray is poor, the fuel can not be completely burned, and the exhaust gas temperature increases, which indirectly leads to the increase of water temperature.

When the diesel generator operates under overload, it will cause excessive oil supply. When the heat generated exceeds the heat dissipation capacity of the diesel generator, it will also increase the cooling water temperature of the diesel generator. At this time, most diesel generators emit black smoke, increase fuel consumption, abnormal sound and so on.

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