Repair Method of Volvo Generator Stator Grounding

Oct. 21, 2021

Generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It is mainly composed of a rotor and a stator wound with a coil. The rotor is driven and rotated by a power machine to generate electric energy. There are many generator brands, including Volvo generator, Cummins generator, silent generator, Shangchai generator, etc. among them, Volvo generator is the most widely used, which has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency and few faults.

When Volvo generators are used for a long time, the stator windings are sometimes grounded. Today, we will work with the technicians of Dingbo Power manufacturer to understand how to repair the grounding of the Volvo generators stator windings.

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During the maintenance process, if the resistance of the multimeter or the insulation resistance meter is found to be zero or the bulb is illuminated, it means that there is a ground fault in this phase, some motors have serious ground short circuits, and the ground point has large current burn marks, which can be seen at a glance out. Otherwise, the grouping and elimination method should be used to find the ground fault point, that is, the middle point of the winding with the ground fault should be disassembled, and then after determining which half-phase winding of the phase is located, the half-phase with the ground fault will be found from the middle The winding is taken apart. Use the above method to check until a certain pole group (or coil), and finally find out the ground fault point.

The repair of the ground fault should be determined according to different situations. If the winding insulation deteriorates, it must be replaced. If the end of the winding or the wire is grounded, the local insulation can be wrapped again. If the grounding point is near the slot, the winding can be heated and softened, and the slot insulation can be pried off with a scribe board, and an appropriate size of insulating material can be inserted; if the coil is grounded in the slot, the entire winding needs to be replaced.

If the lower side is grounded, because the upper coil on the lower side has been turned out of the slot when the grounding point is checked, you can refer to the repair method for the grounding of the upper coil to repair.

1. Introduce low-voltage current into the coil for heating.

2. After the insulation is softened, move the grounding point to form a gap between the conductor and the iron core, and then clean the grounding point and pad it into the insulation.

3. Use a test light or megger to check whether the fault is eliminated.

4. If the ground fault has been eliminated, the lower coil will be sorted according to the order of coil arrangement, and then the interlayer insulation will be laid, and then the upper coil will be embedded.

5. Drip the insulating paint and heat and dry it with low-voltage current.

6. Fold the slot insulation in half, put in insulating paper, and then drive it into the slot wedge. Grounding in the slot is sometimes caused by one or several silicon steel sheets extending from the core slot to cut off the winding insulation. At this time, the protruding silicon steel sheet can be cut or knocked off with a file, and then the insulating board (such as epoxy phenolic glass cloth board, etc.) can be placed, and the insulating layer can be wrapped again where the wire cuts the insulating layer.

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