Requirements For Standardization Of Diesel Generator Sets

Feb. 17, 2022

The requirements for standardized diesel generator sets are as follows.

Equipment room selection and space The location of the generator room should be far away from residential areas to reduce the impact of unit noise and emissions on residents. The equipment room should be built in an open area as far as possible. To facilitate access, ventilation and heat dissipation of units and accessories. Consider the volume of units and accessories in the equipment room to ensure sufficient installation space for units and accessories.


Ventilation and dustproof ventilation are very important in the generator room. Poor ventilation will directly affect engine combustion and engine room temperature rise, reduce engine output power. Most of the diesel engine room because of the small volume of the engine room, the inlet and exhaust area is insufficient, poor heat dissipation, affect the output power. Use a fan or blower for forced ventilation. If the equipment room is not dust-proof, the device may be damaged. And ventilation is contradictory, so to do a good job of dustproof work.

Machine room noise reduction the harm of machine room noise is paid more and more attention. Noise control is a complex project. Each machine room can be large or small according to its own conditions and requirements. Of course, noise control is not to eliminate noise completely, but to control the noise within a reasonable range that people can accept. It is neither possible nor necessary to eliminate noise completely.

At present, the diesel generators are basically in the standby state, and are rarely used at ordinary times, even some diesel generators are not used once a year. Such prolonged stagnation also hurts diesel generators. If you do not care about the usual maintenance, there may be trouble when using, will bring inconvenience to the work. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of diesel generator maintenance.

Daily maintenance of diesel generators: on the basis of daily maintenance, maintenance can be carried out every six months or every year.

 Volvo Diesel Generator Sets

Check the water, electricity, oil and gas of Cummins diesel generator set to confirm whether the unit is normal;

No-load debugging 5-10 minutes, fully lubricate the unit; Judge the use state of the unit by listening, seeing and smelling;

Replace air filter, diesel filter, oil, oil filter, water filter, oil-water separator filter element and other consumables;


Replace coolant and radiator water tank water tank;

Add battery liquid or distilled water;

After maintenance, check the unit again and clean it;

No-load test run for 5-10 minutes, record unit performance parameters, put forward rationalization suggestions and customer acceptance. Suitable for long-term operation of generator set maintenance scheme :(such as construction site, often power failure of the factory, transformer load shortage, project test, can not pull the local electricity, etc. , and generating sets requiring frequent or continuous operation)



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