Safety Regulations of Cummins Genset

Sep. 24, 2021

Listed below are measures to prevent hazards when operating Cummins generator. In addition, please also abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the country or the Cummins genset

1. Read the attached documents carefully.


2. Don not try to adjust what you don't know.


3. Use special tools for feasible maintenance and servicing operations.


4. Only original accessories are allowed for installation.


5. Engine changes are not allowed.


6. No smoking when filling the fuel tank.


7. Clean up the spilled diesel oil and properly place the rag.


8. Unless in an emergency, do not add oil to the fuel tank when the generator set is running.


9. Do not clean, lubricate or adjust the generator set while the generator set is running.


10. (unless qualified professionals and pay attention to safety)

 Safety regulations of Cummins Genset

11. Ensure that there is no accumulation of harmful gases in the operating environment of the generator set.


12. Warn irrelevant personnel to stay away from the generator set during operation.


13. Do not start the engine without the protective cover.


14. When the engine is hot or the water tank pressure is high, it is forbidden to open the water tank filler cap to avoid scalding.


15. Prevent touching hot parts, such as exhaust pipes and turbochargers. And don't put inflammables nearby.


16. Never add seawater or any other electrolyte solution or corrosive object to the cooling system.


17. Never allow sparks or open flames to approach the battery. The volatile gas of battery liquid is flammable and easy to cause battery explosion.


18. Prevent the battery liquid from falling on the skin and eyes.


19. At least one person is required to supervise the operation of the generator set.


20. Always operate the generator set from the control panel.


21. Some people may be allergic to diesel, please use gloves or protective oil.


22. Before any maintenance work, be sure to disconnect the connection between the battery and the starting motor to prevent accidental starting.


23. Place a sign on the control panel stating that starting operation is prohibited.


24. It is only allowed to manually rotate the crankshaft with special tools. Try to pull the fan to rotate the crankshaft, which will create.


25. Premature failure or personal injury of the fan assembly.


26. When disassembling any parts, hoses or connected components, be sure to lower the lubricating oil system through the valve.


27. Pressure of fuel system and cooling system. Because high pressure lubricating oil or fuel can cause serious personal injury. Do not attempt to check the pressure test by hand.


28. Antifreeze contains alkaline substances and cannot enter eyes. Avoid prolonged or prolonged contact with the skin and do not swallow. If in contact with skin, wash with water and soap. If it enters the eyes, immediately wash with water for 15 minutes and call a doctor immediately. Strictly prevent children from touching.


29. Only approved cleaning agents are allowed to clean parts, and gasoline or combustible liquid is prohibited to clean parts.


30. Power output shall be implemented in accordance with the power regulations of the host country.


31. Temporary wiring shall not be used as grounding protection device.


32. For supercharged engine, it is forbidden to start the engine without air filter.


33. For the engine with preheating device (cold start), carburetor or other auxiliary starting equipment shall not be used.


34. Prevent lubricating oil from being sucked into the body. Avoid excessive inhalation of lubricating oil vapor. Please read the accompanying instructions.


35. Prevent antifreeze from being sucked into the body. Avoid prolonged or excessive skin contact. Please read the accompanying instructions.


36. Most maintenance oils are flammable and it is dangerous to breathe vapor. Confirm that the maintenance site is well ventilated.


37. Avoid contact with hot oil. Before starting maintenance work, ensure that there is no pressure in the system. Do not start the engine when the lubricating oil filter is open to prevent personal injury caused by lubricating oil splash. 


38. Do not connect the positive and negative poles of the battery incorrectly, otherwise it will cause damage to the electrical system and battery. Refer to the electrical circuit diagrams.


39. When lifting the generator set, use the lifting lug. Be sure to check that the lifting equipment is in good condition and has


40. Capacity required for lifting.


41. In order to work safely and avoid damage to the upper parts of the engine, a portable crane shall be used during hoisting


42. For the adjusted lifting beam, all chains or cables must be parallel and perpendicular to the upper plane of the engine as far as possible.


43. If other objects are placed on the generator set, thus changing the position of the center of gravity, special measures must be adopted


44. Lifting equipment to maintain balance and ensure a safe working condition.


45. When the generator set is hoisted and supported only by lifting equipment, it is strictly prohibited to carry out any operation on the unit.


46. The fuel filter should be replaced after the engine has cooled down and diesel oil should be prevented from splashing on the exhaust pipe. If charge the motor is located under the fuel filter. The charger must be covered, otherwise the spilled fuel will damage the charger electric machinery.


47. Protect all parts of the body when checking for leakage.


48. Use qualified fuel that meets the requirements. If the fuel with poor quality is used, the maintenance cost will be increased, and serious accidents will occur personal injury or death caused by engine damage or flying.


49. Do not use the high-pressure washer to clean the engine and equipment, otherwise the water tank, connecting pipe and electrical parts will be damaged.


50. The gas discharged from the engine is toxic. Please do not operate the unit when the smoke exhaust pipe is not connected to the outside. Fire fighting equipment is also required in well ventilated rooms.


51. Electrical equipment (including wiring and plugs) must be free from defects.


52. The first measure to prevent overcurrent protection is the output circuit breaker installed on the unit. If it needs to be replaced with a new part, the calibration value and characteristics must be confirmed.


53. Carry out maintenance in strict accordance with the maintenance schedule and its instructions.


54. Warning: it is forbidden to operate the engine in a room with explosives because not all electrical zero points


55. All parts have arc extinguishing devices, which may cause explosion due to electric spark.

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