Why The Yuchai Generator Set "sick" And not Woking

Feb. 17, 2022

Identify whether the Yuchai generator set is the original engine of Guangxi Yuchai machine.

Appearance: for professionals familiar with the engine, the engine can be identified by its appearance, color and overall color difference.

Identification: there are corresponding brand identification labels on the diesel engine body.

Nameplate resolution: The nameplate on the engine shows the engine number, and the cylinder block and oil pump have corresponding codes. Call the original factory to confirm the password to know the authenticity of the power supply.


Yuchai generator set "sick" not working reasons

1. No preheating after cold start, operation with load. Due to the high viscosity and poor fluidity of oil, the oil supply of oil pump is insufficient when the yuchai generator cooler is started. The friction surface of the machine is badly lubricated due to lack of oil, resulting in sharp wear and tear, and even failure of cylinder pulling and burning tile. Therefore, the diesel engine should idle and heat up after cooling and start, and then run with load after the standby oil temperature reaches the standard.

2. Step on the gas after cold start of diesel engine. Due to dry friction, slamming on the accelerator will cause severe wear of some friction surfaces on the device. When the throttle is stepped on violently, the force of the piston, connecting rod and crankshaft changes greatly, resulting in violent impact and easy to damage parts; Wait a minute.

 Why The Yuchai Generator Set "sick" And not Woking

1.grounding wire wiring point is generally in the yuchai generator set chassis end, in the installation of grounding wire, need to be connected to the appropriate ground position.

2. The connection of the ac generator grounding neutral wire is usually determined by the user when it is installed. When the Yuchai generator set is used as a power source, the neutral wire should be directly connected to the factory grounding wire.

3. more complex installation, should choose the grounding midpoint to ensure the correct operation of yuchai generator set or protect equipment, such as the discovery of grounding fault and the grounding cycle current to a small.

4. Grounding cables shall be arranged according to the suggestions of users and local authorities.

5. In order to ensure that the equipment wiring has been effectively maintained, the maintenance of the wiring system should be done strictly in accordance with the instructions.


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