When Should Air Filter Of Yuchai Generator Need To Be Cleaned And Replaced

Apr. 22, 2022

The function of Yuchai 6TD series single pump series generator air filter is to filter dust and other impurities in the air entering the diesel engine, thereby reducing the wear of cylinder liner and piston, piston ring components and valve group parts, thereby prolonging the life of the generator. Therefore, the maintenance of the air filter is very important. So when should the user clean or replace the air filter element?


1) The indicator yellow diaphragm enters the red area;

2) The indicator red plunger is locked in the visible position;

3) When the accumulative operation of generator reaches 500 hours (adjust the cleaning/replacement cycle according to the actual use environment, if it is a dusty use environment such as mines, construction sites, etc., maintain it for more than 250 hours or when the power of the generator decreases, and the air quality is good place no more than 500 hours of maintenance).

 Yuchai diesel generator

The maintenance of the air filter can be roughly divided into three steps: cleaning, inspection and replacement, as follows:

1) Remove the air filter cover and the filter tightening nut;

2) Remove the main filter element of the air filter from the air filter body (the safety filter element should not be blown with compressed air or washed with water), and check whether the sealing rubber ring is damaged or deformed;

3) It is recommended to blow the compressed air into the filter element to remove impurities;

4) Blow the compressed air outward from the inner surface along the folds, and then blow both the inner and outer surfaces again;

5) After cleaning, place the air filter element close to the bulb to illuminate it, and check for defects such as scratches, pinholes or partial damage. If any defects are found, or the air filter element has been cleaned more than 5 times in total, please replace it with a new one air filter element;

6) Reinstall the air cleaner element, press the reset button to reset the indicator.


In order to ensure the safety of the operator and the accuracy of replacement, the user should also pay attention to the following matters when replacing the air filter:


1) When using compressed air, please wear goggles, dust masks, helmets, gloves and other necessary protective equipment to avoid accidental injury.

2) Do not maintain the air filter while the generator is running. Maintaining the air filter while the generator is running can cause foreign matter to enter the generator, accelerate the wear of moving parts, and shorten the life of the generator.

3) Do not knock or clean the filter body.

4) Immediately after removing the air filter, cover the air intake with a plastic sheet or similar device to prevent foreign matter from entering the generator.


The cleaning and maintenance of Yuchai generator air filter is introduced here. I hope it will be useful to you. As a Yuchai authorized generator OEM manufacturer, Dingbo Power continues to introduce advanced technology and equipment. , is committed to providing users with satisfactory power solutions.

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