What is the Working Principle of an ATS 2000kVA Generator

Jun. 25, 2022

What is the working principle of an ATS 2000kVA generator? Today Guangxi Dingbo Power company answers for you. Hope this article is helpful to you.


First, we need to know what ATS is.


ATS full name is automatic transfer switch. ATS full automatic emergency generator set is designed for emergency security power supply in case of sudden power failure of municipal power supply. When the external power grid suddenly loses power, the diesel generating set can start successfully within 2-6s and supply power to the user's load by itself; When the power supply of the external power grid is restored, the diesel generating set can automatically switch the user's load to the external power grid and automatically shut down at the same time.


Preparation before use: connect the ATS with the panel with a cable connecting line, and turn the electric door lock switch on the panel to the OFF position only for the diesel generator set. (friendly reminder: if you use a gasoline generator set, please turn the switch lock to the ON position).


Automatic gear setting

1. Turn the switch to the AUTO position, and the AUTO light on the panel will be on. At this time, the ATS operating system has been in the automatic detection state.

2. ATS operation

When the ATS system enters the automatic state, if the mains power is temporarily cut off for some reason, ATS will automatically open the damper controller and start the generator motor within 2 seconds. After the generator warms up normally for 5 seconds, the system will automatically switch the load to the generator power supply.

3. Three times startup of ATS

When the generator has poor starting performance due to low temperature or other reasons, the ATS control system will perform three cycle starts. The starting procedure is as follows: mains power off → the first starting time of the generator is 5 seconds → unsuccessful starting → stopped for 5 seconds → the second starting time is 5 seconds → unsuccessful starting and stopped for 5 seconds → the third starting time is 5 seconds (if the generator cannot be started normally for three times, the alarm lamp will be on.

4. Generator shutdown

When the diesel generator set is running, if the mains power is restored and the mains power is normally supplied for 10 seconds, the ATS control system will automatically switch the load to the mains power, and the generator will stop after running for 5 seconds under no-load state.

5. ATS automatic damper control

If diesel generator is equipped with a damper device, ATS will automatically open the damper controller when the unit is started, and automatically close the damper device after successful startup.


Battery maintenance

The diesel generator is equipped with constant current and floating charge devices for the battery. Under the condition of mains power (voltage 90 ~ 250V), the internal charging mechanism of the genset can charge the battery at constant current (charging current 1A). When the battery is fully charged, the charger will change from constant current charging to floating charge, so as to compensate for the loss of internal energy of the battery and ensure that the battery has sufficient power to start the unit at any time.

What is the Working Principle of an ATS 2000kVA Generator

Safety precautions for ATS operation

1. When selecting ATS, please select the matching power.

2. The ATS output must not be directly connected to the mains supply.

3. When the mains power is connected to ATS, it must pass through the air protection switch to ensure safety.

4. Please use the automatic ATS function when the switch lock is started normally.

5. Pay attention to turn the door lock switch of the generator to the off position for use (only for diesel units and gasoline units, please turn the door lock to the on position).

6. Pay attention to turn the air switch on the generator panel to the ON position.

7. The equipment must be placed in a ventilated, dry place away from high temperature, high humidity or easy to shake.

8. If there is high voltage inside ATS. In case of any fault, it must be checked by qualified electrical maintenance personnel. Ordinary users should not open the casing to prevent electric shock.


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