How to Detect Whether Generator Set Reaches the Rated Power

Sep. 17, 2022

As a professional diesel generator manufacturer, Dingbo Power naturally knows that every diesel generator must pass the strict test before leaving the factory. However, in the current chaotic market, many unscrupulous businesses deceive customers by various means, and the scene of changing generator sets from small ones to large ones and from inferior ones to superior ones is constantly prohibited, Many users can't help worrying about whether the diesel generator they bought has reached the power target they should have? Dingbo Power suggests that you can confirm whether your unit has load related technical indicators through diesel generator load detection.

The intelligent test system (load bank) of Dingbo power generator set can easily solve your problems. It perfectly combines the dry load module with the automatic measurement and control module, accurately detects the output power and load carrying capacity of various generator sets, and tests all electrical parameters of the generator set, including static parameters and dynamic parameters. Before the test, the user shall first complete the installation according to the specific production requirements of the diesel generator, place it on the test bench and prepare for the test. 

600kw diesel generator

The steps are as follows:

1. Fill the tested diesel generator with coolant and enough lubricating oil, connect the load line cable, install the smoke exhaust pipe, and connect the starting battery.

2. Initially observe whether the diesel generator is installed improperly or wrongly, whether there is oil leakage or water leakage, and test various indicators of the diesel generator, such as voltage withstand test, interturn test, etc. Timely modify and deal with unqualified items.

3. After the unit is started successfully, observe whether there is any abnormal condition at idle speed for 2-3 minutes, and confirm whether there is any abnormal condition rising to 1500rpm at high speed. Observe various test data, the voltage is 400V at 50Hz, the oil pressure is not less than 0.2MP, and whether the silicon generator is charged normally. Check whether the engine has oil, water and gas leaks, and if there is, stop the engine for rectification. The unit is in normal condition and ready for operation load test when the water temperature rises to 60 ℃.

4. According to the rated power of the diesel generator, the load test is carried out in different grades. Input the relevant parameters of the generator set, and then select the preset proportions of 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% to 110%. The system automatically calculates the corresponding power to achieve the fast loading function. During the test, the power and duration of multiple loading stages can be set according to the user's experimental requirements, and the system will automatically test the loading power and duration of the setting stage. You can pause at any time during the loading process or skip to the next stage. Observe the vibration of the engine and the change of its smoke color during operation; Refer to the engine standard to determine whether there is a fault.

5. After the diesel genset test is completed, record the test load, note the test time, and file the unit.

The intelligent test system (load bank) of Dingbo electric power generators can also be used with computers to achieve intelligent control, automatically complete the special test of all electrical parameters of the generator set, generate tables, curves and standard test reports, and support printing. It is completely free from tedious manual operation, providing a scientific and efficient detection method for diesel generator sets. If you need to test the load of diesel generator, please consult Dingbo Power, and we will serve you wholeheartedly. More details, please contact us by email 

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