Causes of Water inflow into Oil Sump of Generator Sets

Aug. 29, 2021

This article is mainly about causes and treatment methods of water inflow into oil sump of generator set.


During the long-term use of the water-cooled generator set, sometimes the water enters the oil sump. After the water enters the oil sump, the oil and water form a gray white mixture, and the viscosity is greatly reduced. If it is not found in time, it will cause serious consequences such as engine sliding.


1. The cylinder gasket is damaged. The engine cylinder gasket is mainly used to seal each cylinder and the corresponding water channel and oil channel of each cylinder. Because the water itself has good fluidity and the water circulation speed in the cylinder body is fast, once the cylinder gasket is damaged, the water in the water channel will flow into the engine oil passage, causing water to enter the engine oil pan. Cylinder gasket damage is one of the main causes of water ingress into the oil pan. For engines with dry cylinder liners in normal use, cylinder gasket damage is the primary and sometimes the only cause of oil water ingress. If the cylinder gasket is used for a long time, the nuts are not tightened to the specified torque or not tightened in the specified sequence when installing the cylinder head, it is easy to accelerate or cause damage to the cylinder gasket. After the oil pan is filled with water, if the cylinder gasket is removed from the engine cylinder block, the part between the sealing water channel of the cylinder gasket and the oil channel shall have wet marks. If there are no wet marks, the cause shall be found from other aspects immediately.

water-cooled generator set 

2. Damage of cylinder liner sealing ring. For the engine of generator set with wet cylinder liner, because the cylinder liner sealing ring has to bear a certain pressure, if the water quality of the added cooling water is poor, it will also cause more or less corrosion to the sealing ring. Therefore, once the engine is used for a long time, the cylinder liner sealing ring is easy to be damaged. If the cylinder liner is not installed correctly, the sealing ring will be squeezed, deformed or even damaged, and finally the water in the cylinder will directly enter the oil pan along the outer wall of the cylinder liner. To judge whether the cylinder liner sealing ring is damaged, first remove the engine oil pan and fill the water tank with water. At this time, if dripping water is found on the outer wall of the cylinder liner under the engine, the cylinder liner sealing ring is damaged; If not, it indicates other reasons. At this time, remove the cylinder gasket or other parts for inspection.


3. The oil cooler is damaged. The damage of engine oil cooler is one of the main causes of engine water inflow. Because the oil cooler is hidden in the water chamber of the engine body, if the added coolant does not meet the standard, it will greatly corrode the cooler and even cause rust cracks in the cooler. Due to the good fluidity of water, the water outside the cooler will penetrate into the internal oil and eventually flow into the oil pan. Because the oil cooler is not easy to be damaged in normal use, this reason is often easy to be ignored.

4. Cracks appear on cylinder block or cylinder head. During normal use, cracks will not appear in the cylinder block or cylinder head, and most of the cracks are caused by human factors. If the engine is not drained in time after work when the temperature drops, or water is splashed on the engine body when the engine body temperature is too high, these are likely to cause cracks in the engine cylinder block or cylinder head, resulting in the interworking of water channels and oil passages.

5. Other factors. Due to different engine manufacturers, the structure of each engine is also different, which should be thought of first when dealing with the water inlet fault of engine oil pan.

In a word, in addition to the factors of engine structure, there are many reasons for water ingress into the engine oil pan. Therefore, when dealing with the water inlet fault of the oil pan of the water-cooled engine, we should start from many aspects, and we must analyze the specific problems first, and find out the real cause of the fault according to the different engine structure, use and other conditions.

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